Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes, Anna, there is carpet under all those toys...

I can sure tell that Hubby is on leave (marine-speak for vacation)! 'Cause lookey, lookey to the left, my peeps. That is the carpet in the Bubs's playroom...toy free...vacummed....Febreezed within an inch of its life....Fab-U-Lous!! Hubby was a little bemused by me snapping pics of the newly cleaned area, but I couldn't help myself. As tickled as I was with the Hubby's efforts, the Bubs was both ecstatic and a little in awe of his Daddy. He has flat out enjoyed playing in the space and has worked extra hard to keep things clean for his Daddy. We've both been quite impressed.

I know I've often mentioned how many Thomas the Tank Engine toys the Bubs has and now here's some proof. And this isn't even all of it! Five containers of tracks, a pile of buildings and accessories, a huge plastic drawerful of trains....and lions and tigers and bears, oh my! This is why he was told to pick out one Thomas item for Christmas this year. I think that family members will also be given alternative gift ideas. Obviously, the child doesn't need any more trains or tracks!

Now, Thomas videos on the other hand......well, at least they take up less space!


Mc Allen said...

NICE!!! Umm, hey, what are the chances that you can swing on over to T town and whip my bunch in shape?? I can offfer you some of Keli's delish Loaded baked potatoe soup :) LA

Joanna said...

All hail the mighty Hubs!

Just wait until those are legos.

sassy stephanie said...

Looks like our train collection!

Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me! And thanks, too, for your sweet words of encouragement!