Friday, November 14, 2008

He's down but not out, Y'all!

Today makes a week that the Bubs has been sick and out of school. Well, technically four days since Tuesday was a holiday. He's still blowing his nose like a fiend, still got a double ear infection, and still hacking until he's yacking. I know....that last phrase was a horrible rhyme! Most of you know that the reality isn't that funny.

Thankfully, the fever that he's had seems to have dissipated and we have (even more) new meds to battle back the "snottery boogs". His teachers have been helpful in getting me his missed assignements that the Bubs was actually eager to do, by the way. He doesn't know it, but he was not only chosen to be Star Student of the Week, but he was also one of eight kids from his class to get an award in the kindergarten award ceremony yesterday. Y'all, he's been waiting for months to be the Star Student thing! It hurts my heart that he's been sick this week and missed out on so many fun things...some tangible success for his hard work. I think his teacher is going to reschedule things so he's star student another week and, hopefully, do something to make getting his award momentous for him. I know that his dad and I will be doing something to congratulate him, but I remember how big it was to be recognized in front of your peers.

For today, we'll focus on keeping him well, happy and *gulp* entertained. After five days, the options on the entertainment side of things have run a little on the thin side. I've let him play on some educational web sites, color and play with some balloons that his Ammah, Poppi and Aunt D sent to cheer him up. Unfortunately, he's also watched waaaay more t.v. than I'm comfortable with. What can I do when he's too weak to do anything else, though? Sometimes, I just curl up with him on the couch when nothing else makes him feel better. His dad has been sticking close, too. He feels like he needs to stand watch, I guess. I can understand the need. Simply having him here has been a help and comfort for both of us.

It's a new day and even if the Bubs isn't feelin' a hundred percent, we'll make the most of it and encourage him to move around when he feels like it. You know, prepare him for when he's feeling more like his regular self so he doesn't get tired out so easily. I don't want him to feel like sickness needs to be such a focus for him. What kind of parents would we be if we allowed him to be blinded by the circumstances of "right now" instead of looking ahead to the possibilities of "soon to come"? This sickness is only temporary, after all......and thank our Heavenly Father for that!!


Joanna said...

Well that's no fun at all! Start slipping him some Vit C as an extra booster.

Glad he has a good teacher that will work with him.

If he has to watch tv go for the DVDs or videos because that way no commercials. With the holidays around the corner those things are out in full force.

Hope things heal up and clear up over there for you real soon!

anita doberman said...

Hope things clear up and he gets better soon!

AmberP said...

How's the little guy feeling? Popped over from SITS!!! Giving you guys hugs and get well love!!