Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nothin' new to report...

We're finally seeing some sunshine around here after almost a week of clouds and rain. It's another "beautiful day in the neighborhood" and I'm itchin' to get out and enjoy it but I must stay the course and finish up some things around the house. It'll be worth it to have things finished before the Bubs and Hubby come home. I'm very protective of our time together in the evenings. It's important for us to have time together and not loose touch with one another in the weekly grind. I'm feeling more of a need for this since the Bubs has started school and the Hubs has been coming and going for work and I get the feelin' that they appreciate having that time in the evenings.

There's not a lot goin' on around here at the moment. The Hubs will be starting some much-needed leave sometime next week. He's already counting down the days and so am I. I'm sure he'll take a day or two and sleep in a bit, but after that we'll be going through the house with the purpose of decluttering and de-junkifying it. Whether we move or not, it's something that definitely needs doing. I'll also be able to see what baby stuff we have that's still usable and what needs to go. It's all put way up in the laundry room and the Hubs doesn't want me climbing up to take a gander...especially now that I'm pregnant.

So even there's not anything noteworthy goin' on at my crib, I know that by the time the holiday season rolls around, I'll be begging for a day like today!!


Sandy Toes said...

A day like that is always a blessing...I have a feeling that each day that gets closer to the holidays you won't be writing about a day like today!!! Enjoy!
-sandy toes

Honey Mommy said...

Oh how I LOVE peaceful days. This weekend has been so busy so far that I'm hoping today is more quiet.