Friday, May 30, 2008

Wonderful Family + Sleepover 4 Bubs = DATE NIGHT!!!

Well hang me upside down, paint me pink, and smack me silly!! I've got a date!

"How?", you ask.

'Cause I've got a fabulous Mom, Dad & Aunt D. who are keeping the Bubs overnight so Hubby and I can stare at each other over dinner and try to think of a topic of conversation that doesn't revolve around parenting. Wish us luck. I kid of course since we are usually able to find things to talk about that don't totally center around our Bubs. We love him, but we have vowed not to be the couple that, as their marriage continues, suddenly realizes that we don't have a thing to talk about and nothing in common.

Thinking about dating takes me back to our first few, relaxed and uncomplicated. To put it simply, he got me. There's a quote by Drew Barrymore that comes to mind about dating, "Let your freak flag fly, and if someone doesn't get you, move on". Thankfully, he got me and my odd sense of humor and my weird southern way of talkin' so I didn't have to move on. He was the first man I'd met that was honestly interested in me as a person and didn't take off runnin for the hills once he got to know me. Quite the opposite, in fact. He told me he loved me after about a week and trust me, Y'all, I felt the same way. Ahhh.......Excuse me while I have a moment of silence to remember that moment.........................

So I'm off to break out the bushhog (aka my razor), slather on some smell goods, slap some makeup on, blow out my frizzy locks with a ginormous round brush and figure out what to wear. It's been so long since I've felt like a girly-girl with my hubby, it's pitiful! Don't get me wrong, the man tells me I'm beautiful when I've got bed-head and not a lick of makeup on, but it's always fun to get all beautificated and know he appreciates the effort.

The only thing is, we are having a hard time deciding what to do. What do you do when you folks have a chance to go on a date night?

I saw this pic and I couldn't resist.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sandwich Thursday

We do a lot of sandwiches in my house. Most of the time they aren't that complex, but every now and then we like to rock out at dinner by having a sandwich that takes longer than 2 seconds to throw together. A favorite of ours is a chicken sandwich.

We, and I say "we" 'cause Hubby likes to get in the kitchen right along with me, start with boneless and skinless chicken breasts that have been marinated for at least 30 min in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, onion, Paul Newman's light balsamic viniagrette and lemon juice. Once that's done, we break out the George Foreman grill (a hot frying pan drizzled with olive oil is fine, too), take the marinated chicken out and season them with my Mom's Sassy Salt (recipe to follow). Once the chicken is sizzlin' away, we toast the buns in the oven for a few minutes. Our buns of choice -insert inappropriate giggle here- are Pepperidge farm with the onion bits on top.

After your buns are toasted -I couldn't resist!- and the chicken is cooked through we usually assemble our sandwiches with some honey mustard that I've whipped up, tomatoes, lettuce and a fave cheese. We tend to like a bolder flavored cheese on this sandwich, like a sharp cheddar, to stand up to the strong flavors of the onion buns and chicken but, really, just about any cheese you like will do fine. We serve with baked chips and, if we're really starving, a cup of my baked potato soup. Oh, yum! I know that this isn't fancy (pronounced "fain-cy" down here), but I'm here to tell ya' that it's some good eatin'...perfect for a Saturday afternoon chow down or a rainy evening.

Well, Megan, I hope I've done your Sandwich Thursday justice, Shug. It was a lot of fun and I'm lookin' forward to see what everyone else's favorite sandwiches are, including yours which I'm positive will be drool-worthy! Have your blog call my blog and we'll do lunch! ;0)

Momma's Sassy Salt:

Deleted per Mom's request....Sorry, Y'all!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Living Well

What is it about being happy that makes me wanna grab the nearest sweet thing, shove it in my mouth and sink into the deliriously blissful state of being that most people call a sugar rush? Hubby comes home and BAM! All my efforts of not scarfing down munchies (especially late at night) just go flying out the nearest window! None of that is his fault of would be much too convenient an excuse.......but it hit me the other day that I was doing much more snacking than I had right before he got home.

Now, I know that snacking in general isn't a completely horrible thing when done correctly but I gotta tell you that the way I've been scarfing down those delicacies of convenience and empty calories recently is downright shameful! I do try to keep healthier snacks around the house like baked chips, nuts and fruit. Howevah, when the man of the house comes home the "good stuff" starts popping up in our pantry. You know what I mean when I say the "good stuff don'tcha? Candy, fried chips, ice cream (and not the light stuff, either!)......need I go on? What's sad is he isn't always the one who buys it and brings in the house....*sigh* Slap a name tag on me and send my rotund rump to a support group, y'all!

"Hi, my name is Anna and I have the willpower of a gnat."

Oh, well. I know that I'll prob'ly never eat exactly the way I should, but I'd definitely like to be a little more careful than what I've been this past week. Seriously, I think my reflection actually oinked at me!

It's a good thing I got measured and weighed today. I don't think the empty calories had a chance to coalesce on my tummy and hips, yet. In fact, I was totally amazed when I saw the results. I've lost an inch or more everywhere and almost 4 pounds of actual fat (as opposed to just water weight). The lady that was measuring me coulda knocked me over with a feather!

What makes y'all reach for the munchies and what, if anything, gets you through the urge?

In a stroke of (cruel?) irony, I came across this on Fried Okra's blog. The woman knows her food, especially if it's good southern eats. And since she's pregnant, her food mania has reached new and delectable heights. I read her foodie posts and drool, people! So join in and share your fave sandwich recipes on Thursday.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Days of Adjusting...

Sooooo.......I know it's been a few days since I've posted anything new on here, but I think that's okay considering that this is the first time I've seen my hubby in 7 months! The three of us have all been enjoying being around one another while takin' it easy around the house, playing with the new Wii (now that's a post for another day, folks!!), laughing at one another's shenanigans and basically just lovin' the fact that we're together again.

Now, as fabulous as it is that we're united again, that doesn't mean that we all haven't had to begin to adjust. Hubby is having to get back into a "civilized" routine and the Bubs and I are havin' to get used to taking Hubby into consideration when it comes to our little daily routines. The Bubs, in particular, is finding it harder to get away with things now that I have backup. *maniacal cackle of laughter* Ooohhh, it's so very nice to have backup again!

I know that there will be bumps along the road to re-adjustment and that's okay. None of us are perfect, but we love each other and are willing to do what it takes to have a healthy, functioning family. (Notice I didn't say a perfect family! I mean, what does that look like anyway? It's gotta be a myth...)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday....Um, almost.

Looking for Daddy....even though Mommy has told me a gazillion times that he's not ready, yet!

"I found Daddy's gear, Mom!"

Finally, a place to sit down...

Here they come!!!

I should have moved just a bit faster with this pic. What can I say? I was "in the moment"!

My two guys, reunited at last.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yay, Woo-hoo and Hallelujah!

My man is home, y'all!! *jumping up and down squeeling* He got in just before lunch time. Safe and sound...just a little funky from travelin' for a couple days. The Bubs can't stop talking to him about his new train layout and anything else that happens to pop into his precious, excited noggin. I am just reveling in the waves of relief that are sweeping over me....and copping as many feels as I can get away with (without the Bubs seeing, of course!). I'm enjoying that partcular marital right to its fullest, people!

Moving right along.....

I took some pictures, but I have to sort through them with Hubby to see what's okay to display on here. Once that's done I will definitely be sharing them!

I must say that since I've started this blogging venture, I've made a few friends who have been so supportive in their comments to me while my Hubby has been gone. Many, many thanks, Shugs. You've helped me keep a hold of my sanity and sense of humor.....I've always found that those two things go hand in hand for me! ~A special thanks to my family. Without your love, prayers and support I wouldn't be able to get through many things that military life throws at our family. Kisses and hugs.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Homecoming Mixtapes

I tend to have a single song that sticks with me right around hubby's homecomings. I think the first two times it was "At Last" by Etta James. While that will continue to remain among my top faves, I stumbled across another song that I've been listenin' to over and over. I was cruising my Zune marketplace for some new tunes and I came across this duet "Lucky" from Jason Mraz's album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. , with Colbie Caillat. ~In fact, it might even be playing for you now if my playlist is working right.~ I got the goofiest grin on my face when I started listenin' to the words the first time I heard it. It perfectly captures how I'm feeling...*happy sigh*

Now, on the flip side...while I do enjoy the sentiment of the song, I know without a shadow of a doubt that it was God's grace and provision that kept my husband safe. Can I get a Amen?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Let's just keep that covered, shall we....

Recently I broke down and purchased a sleeveless top to wear around the house. Hot takes on a whole new muggy meaning around here during the Summer and I like to have something cool to wear in and around the house....exclusively. The world just isn't ready for the sight of me in anything lacking sleeves!

It didn't dawn on me that I had never really worn anything like that around the Bubs until he came up to me with an I'm-up-to-no-good giggle. Uh-oh. That giggle always means I'm in for an interesting few minutes! Here's the gist of our conversation~

"Mom? What are you wearing?"

"It's a shirt, Bubs."

He giggles.

"Um, that's not a shirt. You need to put a shirt on, Mommy!"

The giggles have turned into guffaws.

"It is a shirt, Babe! I don't understa- Oh! It's a sleeveless shirt, Sweets!"

Now both of us are laughing.

"Yeah, right!"

He starts poking at my arm and then says something that makes me holler...

"What's under there?"

I scream with laughter, the Bubs wiggles his eyebrows like his Dad, and takes off runnin'!

I take off like a shot. The chase is on!

"Oh, it's soooo on, Boy! You owe me some serious sugar for that, Kiddo! Hey, come back here!"

Ahhhh....good times. Uh, even if it was at my expense!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Move ovah, Essie, it's my turn to dance!"

Alright, y'all, the "my hubby's comin' home tinglies" are out in full force now! I'm so excited, I could do a happy, that is if I didn't look like a monkey on LSD when I break out...Yes, folks, that's a mental image not intended for the faint of heart.

I was feeling nervous and aggravated about his homecoming coinciding with some interesting developments concerning our "house business", as I call it. However, I'm coming to the conclusion that I can't allow the excitement and joy of this occasion to be ruined by my uptighted-ness (yes, I am allowed to make up words on my blog!). I don't know when it happened, but I somehow became the mood-barometer in our house. How does the saying go...If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. So if I'm uptight and nervous, then the Bubs will be too, and I just cannot allow that! Oi, what was I thinkin'?! (And if I'm spelling "oi" wrong...let's just let it go, shall we? Please and thank ya'!)

As for freakin' out about the house not being in pristine order before he gets here- if it gets done, fabulous, if not, I'm okay with that. The man is not coming home to a house, he's coming home to me and the Bubs and, frankly, that's all he cares about. I'm just gonna have to keep reminding myself of that the next few days...especially when it comes to our bedroom. Yikes!! Maybe if I just used a shovel and made a burn pile in the back-- Oh! Sorry just thinking out loud. Ahem.

For now, I'm gonna go find my trusty mp3 player, find some bumpin' tunes and bust a move...hopefully without bustin' a hip! So, ladies and germs, what's got y'all dancin' these days?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby steps

I'm new to doing Live Well Tuesdays, but I want to give it a try. I've been going to Curves for around 3 weeks now. Since the pre-school fiasco, the Bubs has been home with me which means that when I need to go work out, Mom and Aunt have to watch him. This makes my work out sessions even more important to me since I'm technically on someone else's time.

I noticed about a week in to my membership that my clothes were fitting differently. Hmmm....could this be wishful thinkin'? I finally remembered to weigh myself this past week and I've lost 3 lbs! It may not seem like a lot, but this is huge for me. Tangible results...proof that the tide of potential health problems (of which there are aplenty in my family) can be turned and that with work and help, I have a real chance of attaining an important personal goal. The goal to lose weight and get fit, though it may indeed be a personal one, is something that I think impacts my entire family. My hubby is always having to meet regulations on weight and fitness for his job and having me being more active and making better menu choices will make it easier for him to meet those requirements. The Bubs also benefits from watching us make healthier choices and both of his parents being active. Case and point- I can play chase, run around with him outside, take care of my outdoor plants and still have energy for the rest of the day! This is amazing to both of us, since just playing with the Bubs outside would wipe me out for the rest of the day just a few short weeks ago.

In what ways do you "Live Well"? Is it something simple like remembering to drink more water? Or is it something a bit more challenging like giving up a bad habit? No matter what it is, I wish you every success in your pursuit to live well!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm not an FTD florist, but.......

Happy Mother's Day!

"My mother is a poem
I'll never be able to write,
though everything I write
is a poem to my mother."
~Sharon Doubagio

*Photo is of roses from my parent's yard.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My to do list....incomplete?

I wasn't planning on posting tonight. I was just going to read posts from fellow bloggers and take an evening off, so to speak. That was until I read Jennifer's post for today.

It stopped me in my tracks. Most of her posts challenge me and get me thinking, but today was a bit different. It was about parenthood and how easy it is to forget to enjoy our children in the midst of raising them. I was instantly convicted.

I tend to think in lists (my mom is nodding her head as she's reading this). Since I'm hopelessly forgetful and absentminded, I have to be this way in order to get all the necessary bits done. The downside to that is, that kind of thinkin' doesn't often leave room to simply enjoy my son. Now, understand that the Bubs is in no way neglected or left wanting for attention, but there are days where, yes, my infamous to do list is checked off but I didn't enjoy the Bubs the way I really like to.

So I need to remember that playing chase with my Bubs around the house, getting "sugar", reading books together, giggling over little boy silliness, and delighting in his train layout creations are as, if not, more important than anything I could ever put on a list!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Taking the bandages off for the big reveal...

So, what do y'all think of my bloggy face-lift? I'm all verklempt! I love the way everything turned out.

Darcy did an outstanding job of interpreting my ideas and making them reality. That, to me, is a talent in and of itself. She was patient with me through my many idiocies and even gave me tips to keep my blog in good working order. *sigh* Honey, I wish everyone was this delightful to work with!

My favorite thing is the way she incorporated my pictures in the header. My precious bubs looks so darling....

Monday, May 5, 2008

In a word...


1) to surge over and submurge; engulf
a) to defeat completely and decisively
b) to affect deeply in mind or emotion
3) to present with an excessive amount
4) to turn over; upset

Most of the above definitions for the word overwhelmed perfectly sum up how I'm feelin' right about now. A few months ago when I envisioned being this close to Hubby coming home, this is not how I thought I'd be feeling. The last couple of weeks have been crazy and it seems like we keep getting hit with one financial need after know, right when I'm trying to dedicate most of our savings for our upcoming getaway after Hubby comes home. *sigh*

And, yes, I have officially lapsed into throwing a full-blown pity party. Table for one, please.

I know that things will prob'ly work out in the end, but right now in this moment, I'm tired. I'm tired of handling things alone without any spouse support. In short, I am so ready for my man to be home, it's sooo not funny. When my hubby leaves, I not only lose readily available spousal input and support, I'm out of contact with my best friend as well. No, we do not have a perfect marriage and we don't always agree on every little thing, but there is definitly comfort in knowing that he has my back when I'm facing tough decisions...and vice-a-versa. Then there's the really fun part where I second-guess every decision I've made without him and begin to work out justifications to tell him when he asks, "Why?"

We've had to accept that we can't change what's had to happen while we've been apart and that we each do the best we can. We don't judge or play the "who had it worse game" because that would be a waste of time and extremely hurtful for us both.....but I still get so tense about it, for some very silly reason.

So, please forgive me for my whining and know that it won't be a permanent thing. From past experience, I know that right before he gets home, I'll be crazy excited (and very relieved). For now, I'm gonna chill with my Bubs and try to let it all go for a little while.

Peace, Y'all~
Anna K.

Friday, May 2, 2008

My blog is getting a face-lift....and it won't look like Joan Crawford, folks!

Darcy from is currently working on breathing some new life into my bloggy look and I'm so excited I can hardly sit still!! I love anything creative and I'm totally in awe of her ability to bring together the "arty" and the "techy" to create beautiful sites. I've visited every site that she's beautified and they are all tailor-made to fit each bloggy author's personality, from the scrap-book cutesy to the laid-back minimal. As a result she's got quite a queue lined up and recently had to temporarily close it down. I'm amazed at how quickly she's able to put these pages together, though, so she'll prob'ly be able to open things back up soon.....maybe?

I've become a big fan of her how-to tips that she posts, as well. I'm a complete newbie at all this stuff, but she manages to make it all sound so easy and approachable. It makes me want to try a few things on my own and take up yet another creative outlet!

And just think, she does all of this in between maintaining another blog, raising three very cute little boys, and home-schooling. Oi. Darcy, you are a wonder, Shug!
***Update on Mom- Her port was removed yesterday and the area was flushed to make sure all bacteria/infections were removed as well. I talked with her yesterday evening and she sounded much better albeit a trifle tired. I'll be calling shortly to find out what's going on today.
Peace, Y'all!
Anna K.