Sunday, November 9, 2008

Look, Momma, I lost my toof!

The Bubs has lost his other front tooth...the last one to come out after the pre-school injury (pushed into a merry-go-round). We noticed that it was a little loose this morning. I figured that it would be ready to fall out sometime tomorrow.

Nope! The Bubs had other ideas.

For a couple of hours this evening I watched as he twisted, yanked, pulled, tongue-flicked and generally grossed me out as he tried to finagle that thing out of his mouth.

Finally, finally a pair of bloody fingers waved that tooth around in front of my face. I thought he'd be tickled with himself, but I think he was just relieved. I was too, honey! A quick phone call to his Ammah and Poppi to share the news, which was greeted with happy exclamations, and he was ready for bed. We'll do the tooth fairy thing tomorrow night. Hopefully, he'll leave it alone so his dad and I can pull the whole thing off...


Mc Allen said...

awwww, he is a determined lil fella!! Well, you better make it worth his while for all the work he did to get it out!! hehehe... LA

Jocelyn said...

We are sooooooo in the same place. My five-year-old's front tooth is dangling really grossly from his gum right now. I kind of hope he swallows it in his sleep tonight.

Would that mean I have to mine his poop tomorrow, though?

the voice of melody said...

Oh, I just had to laugh! We went through something similar last week. :)

Anna K. said...

mc allen~ His determination will be rewarded...if I can just remember what I did with the tooth last night!

jocelyn~ No! Just pull the tooth fairy thing off minus the tooth. Hopefully that will keep your little one happy!

the voice of melody~ Yep, my Mom laughed, too. She was prob'ly havin' flashbacks of my brother and I when we were losing teeth. I'm sure we were even grosser!