Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Art~

No, I haven't lost my calendar. I'm just excited about some of the mini-paintings that I've done for Christmas and I couldn't wait to share one with y'all! Some will have their own mini-easel while others, with the addition of a ribbon hanger will become ornaments. I'm pretty sure that a couple of these might make their way onto our tree...or in a wreath...or-- Well, you get the idea!

The crown has been finding its way onto my doodle pads and paintings, lately. Every year I'm drawn to a particular object or symbol when I'm thinking about Christmas decorating. Snowflakes, the Moravian star, etc. Sometimes I'm in sync with the trends of the season but, more often than not, I'm on a different page dancin' to the beat of a different drummer.

Well, thank you for letting me interrupt your regularly scheduled Summer program for a Christmas special!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday~

This Summer, for me, will always be known as "The Museum Summer". With the heat being so intense the last few weeks, we've made frequent use of museums of all kinds. Of course, the local (and not so local) children's museums were the boys' faves. Everything was interactive and geared towards kids of all ages and development levels. The boys loved playing and we loved that we very rarely had to say no. It was a freeing experience for the Hubs and me (Poppi, too)!

I absolutely loved the studio area in the latest children's museum. Lots of beautiful sunshine streamed in the windows, children's creations were hanging everywhere and art supplies were stuffed in every nook and cranny just waiting for little hands to use them. Very old exposed brick made up one wall...I just ran my hand across it, fascinated with the texture.

As enthralled as I was with that inspiring space our little E-man captured my full attention when he grabbed a crayon and, after his Daddy gave him a piece of paper, started to draw. For the first time. Most definitely a sweet moment...

Thanks for stopping by!

The Other Side of the Camera...

Taking pictures is so much fun as long as I'm not on the other side of the camera. Two babies, a dysfunctional relationship with the gym, and a few dozen hang ups don't make it easy for me to get in front of a camera these days. I am more than happy to be behind one. Of course, my Mom was much the same way and now that she's gone we don't have very many pictures of Dad reminds me of this a lot. *sigh*

Anyway , I wanted to try and get a new headshot for my blog and business and these were some of the results. The first two, I did try to edit a bit but I'm not sure how "correct" they are.

This was one of the first I took. I was feeling pretty silly standing there taking pics of myself in the bathroom. What?! I needed the extra light!

By the time this one was taken, I think the Hubs had me laughing at something.....

You just had to know that there were outtakes, right? Here's just one of them. Lovely.

Which one do you like? Should I keep trying? Suggestions?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Of Journals, Lists and Doodles

Yes. I have a journal. I know...I have a blog so it may seem a little silly to have a journal, too. There is something so deliciously tactile about putting pen or pencil to paper. Maybe it's the artist in me. Maybe it's my love of lists (list love?). Making lists, mind you, not having them handed to me!

My journal is another place where I go to take a deep breath of inspiration, jot down an idea, doodle or even scribble about a hidden hurt. Some thoughts are random while others are cohesive and threaded together in a stream of words that come pouring out in moments of creativity or clarity.

The very first page is my "title page" where I wrote - Inspirations, Dreams, Creative Bents & Other Things. I don't write in it every single day but I keep it close at hand, ready for me to scribble away. It comes in handy on days when I have so many things flying around my head that I need a way to keep them straight. Out comes the journal and pen and suddenly I can think straight again...or straight-ish, anyway.

Putting pen to paper - even in a world of blogging, texting, and tweeting - is still a wonderful thing!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Studio Snapshots

Inspired by the photos some of you in the blogosphere have been taking of art supplies, I took my camera with me into my little studio. It was fun snapping shots of things that I use to create my pieces.

Sometimes I get so busy using my brushes and paints that I forget how cool looking they are by themselves. Especially when they're on a well-used pallette! I think I've had that one since I was a teenager...

This is one of my works in progress. I love to cut phrases and words out of my collection of old books. They often end up in one of my pieces. It's fun to play around and see what combinations strike my fancy.
There you have studio snapshots. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday

We went to an art museum last week. Actually we went to several museums last week. The art museum was not a big deal for the first. Mumbles, moans, groans and sighs could be heard from him. After a few too many of these emanations I gave him "the look" and he calmed down. He lightened up even more when he saw me taking photos like a crazy lady and giggling in excitement over some of the pieces. (Yes, I giggled.)

I'd grab him in my excitement and point out some fascinating fact or artwork and he'd listen in bemused silence...for a moment and then he'd trot off to see what his Daddy was looking at. He perked up when the Hubs and I spotted this exhibit that was interactive. The Bubs got a kick out of looking through a little acrylic ball and seeing a right-side-up Mona Lisa...made of 5,184 spools of thread! Brilliant!

It was neat to see what we all gravitated towards in the museum. When I later asked the Bubs what his favorite exhibit was he mentioned this one and the African/Tribal Art display with its headresses, masks and colorful ceremonial garbs.

After the Mona Lisa 2

by Devorah Sperber

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cutting teeth and Chicken Noodle Soup

Little E-man wasn't feeling too perky last weekend and earlier this week. He had a low-grade fever, lots of pain and wasn't very interested in solid foods. Bless his heart, he was so miserable he would just sit in our laps with his favorite blanket (his "binky") and want to be snuggled. Of course, there were plenty of times when he would just scream......

Turns out, after a quick visit with a doc, he agreed that he was cutting A LOT of teeth at one time and that was making him miserable. No kidding! Thankfully, he's feeling much better.....shout out to the makers of Orajel.

I know it's a cliche, but every time someone in the house is under the weather I get the urge to make a pot of chicken noodle soup. In our house, there's just something about smelling the wholesome aroma as it wafts up from a pot of simmering goodness that signals comfort and well-being for us. It doesn't hurt that it tastes good, too!

What's your go-to meal or drink when you or the fam aren't feelin' so perky?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday~

Okay, I know I haven't been able to link up with Sweet Shot Tuesday in a few weeks...and I've really missed it! I did try and swing by and take a look at what people had been submitting. Y'all are so very talented!

The picture below is so precious to me. We don't have very many days where the Hubs feels like he can do something like this. Yes, he's been having more "better" days. On those days he's able to do very basic tasks around the house and with the boys. We've come to cherish the days that he feels functional. The day we did this, I know he wasn't 100% but he was determined to have some fun with the fam. And we did.

We caught the go-kart area of a local arcade/mini-golf at a great lines! The Bubs and Hubby were the only two on the course and their laughter and joking around could be heard over the rumble of the karts. I was couldn't help but laugh along while I caught these snapshots.

The Bubs now says that he can take our car out for a spin now that he drove his first go-kart. "I drive good, Mommy! I can drive the car now!"

Poppi and E-man hung out on the sidelines, taking in the sight of Hubby and Bubs whizzing around the track.

While these photos aren't specimens of photographic genius, they're pretty special to me and I'm more than happy to share them. Thanks for stopping by! Have a sweet Tuesday...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Inspiration and Breathing

I once looked up the definition of inspiration and, interestingly, one of the definitions was "the drawing of air into the lungs". As soon as I read that I stopped. I drew in a deep, deep breath.... and slowly released it.

I felt reinvigorated and somehow, at the same time, more peaceful. It's amazing what a truly deep breath will do for you isn't it?

The last few weeks in the wake of the Hubby's shoulder surgery I've found it difficult to find, not only time, but energy and inspiration to dive back in to my painting and creating. This is a big prob for me, y'all! My art is my business and, more importantly, a vital part of who I am and a great way for me to unwind. I missed it greatly and was searching for that inner spark and inspiration for my next creative projects.

Then it hit me. I needed a deep breath.

So I paused and breathed deep of my favorite inspirations that I'm surrounded by~

  • the smiles and laughs of my family
  • spending time chatting with the Hubs...he is my best friend, after all!
  • praying for those I love and even a few I don't! ;)
  • reading
  • music and singing
  • grabbing my camera and trying new things
  • books, mags, blogs, websites that make me wanna grab a paintbrush
  • raising my head from the task at hand to notice the beauty in my world
  • writing messages on my little chalkboard in the kitchen
  • I tried to do something creative everyday...take a photo, blog, bake something special, doodle or draw, research a new technique...something!

What do you take a deep breath of when you need to refresh and recharge?