Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving was a little out of the ordinary this year...and not in a fun way. Mom ended up in the hospital the night before. She'd retained a large amount of fluid (in spite of being on a fluid pill) and it was affecting her breathing and energy level. She got to the point of being so lethargic that it was a little frightening and, I guess, was finally convinced that there just might be a valid reson to go seek help. I'd imagine that after she's seen a hundred and one doctors for everything under the sun and a few things in the shade, she's hesitant to go to the hospital for every little thing. I'd probably be the same way, too.

In any case, she's much improved and should be coming home later this evening....we hope. Even though our Thanksgiving may not have been what anyone would call ideal, we were relieved that she was being helped. The Bubs was a bit teary that his Ammah wasn't there, but once we explained what was going on he seemed to calm down a little. The rest of us - Dad, Aunt D, Hubby, Bubs and me - shared our meal at home. We would have taken a plate to Mom, but her diet was understandably restricted against salt. A quick visit was had later. Mom had a lot of trouble staying awake, so we kept it short for her.

To distract the Bubs the next day, we drug out all our Christmas decorations and commenced with the spreading of household pretties and cheer. Yay! Not to mention, I don't think that Hubby has had a Christmas in two years....

Here are some pics of the Christmas mania thus far~

Totes, totes and -guess what?-

more totes!

Even in the middle of the madness, a little twinkle light of hope shines through. And, yes, we know that the tree is leaning. It'll be fun watching Hubby try to straighten it later! *inappropriate giggle*

These ornaments are among my faves. I made them the year we got married to save money on decorations for our tree and to give for gifts. It's been 8 years and they're still intact. Hmm, well most of them, anyway!

Happy decorating to you all! May the string lights magically untangle, your tree stand straight, and your decorations be intact and easy to find.


Ron said...
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Ron said...

sorry to hear of mom's troubles .. been there with my dad .. glad to know she is on the mend .. will include her in our prayers

Octamom said...

So sorry your mom has not been well--and on the holiday too :O(

Loved seeing your Christmas decor and boxes out! We're trying to get all our up as well!


Joanna said...

Well that's a bummer! Glad she is getting help.

Anna K. said...

Ah, my Lovelies, thanks so much for your well wishes and prayers for Mom. She's home now, which we're all relieved about but she seems to have picked up a cold bug during her hospital stay. Ick! Hopefully it'll be a minor thing and we'll be able to kick it to the curb!