Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gird your loins, y'all, the In-Laws are comin'...

No one is more surprised than I am that I'm not more tense about our imminent visit from some of my Hubby's family. I know! Shocker!

Maybe it's 'cause I've got so many other things dominating my time and thoughts that, in the scheme of things it's not a biggie. We'll just get the house whipped into shape real quick like and get ready to enjoy them for a couple days. I think that the Hubby needs to see his family right now anyway. He's still struggling with some chronic pain in his neck and shoulders and the diagnostic process is seemingly dragging endlessly on while the military taps impatient fingers with one hand and doles out reprimands for something that can't be helped with the other. *big breath* We're both a bit worn and bedraggled from the whole rigamarole (that's south-speak for "big honkin' mess") and are in need of a distraction. I'll gladly grin and bear it if their visit brings him some sense of comfort. He's done the same for me many times.

We've told the Bubs and he's, of course, very excited. Why shouldn't he be? They shower him with attention and he has a new audience to show his train layouts to. That's an irresistable combo for our lil' engineer!

So, I'll be scrubbing and doing general pick-up around the house for the next couple of days (I'm really slow) with the Hubs, but I don't think I'll be freaking out. Life, m'dears, is simply too dang short!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Student of the Month

Yep, that's our Bubs recieving an award from our school's principal for being the Student of the Month for his class. Every month, the chosen students and their families are invited to a breakfast to celebrate their achievement. Can you feel how delighted his dad and I are from where you are?
Every teacher wrote a short notation on each award about why the student was chosen. The Bub's teacher said that he has a very kind and generous heart, is positive, and is always willing to help someone else in need. It did my mommy heart good to hear those things and was wonderful for the Bubs to see that good character is something worth displaying.
His dad and I have always believed that he should be prepared academically and taught/shown good character traits. In today's world, we feel that both are equally important for his success. Both of those elements are heavily pushed at his school and with good reason. Schools are not just teaching the three r's anymore, they are being challenged (hopefully with parental support) to prepare future productive citizens who know what good character traits and attitudes are and how to put them to use on a daily basis.

We were having a few goofy moments with the camera before the breakfast if you couldn't tell!

The Bubs took this pic and was a little too delighted with the results. Anything for a giggle, right?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Field trip to the local aquarium

This was the Bub's first field trip with his class and I'm not sure what he was more excited about, the bus ride there or seeing the aquarium with his friends. The kid's enthusiasm for seeing the different creatures and displays was refreshing and a hoot to behold! They required some wrangling and redirecting every now and then, but no one minded. It was a fabulous way for the kindergarten classes to kick of their unit on sea life and the ocean.

By the end of the excursion the kids were all asking if I had gotten pictures of this or that. They are always fascinated with my camera whenever I bring it along to the class with me. One or two of the kids have been curious enough that I've held the camera while they take a couple pictures. Shhhhhh! Don't tell the Hubby, he gets a little nervous about how the camera is handled! So we'll just keep that bit of info between us, shall we?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick day #124...

Okay, I'm exaggerating a lot, but it sure feels like the Bubs has had a ton of sick days since he started school. We're hanging out at home while he gets over yet another round of a stomach bug. My thanks to all the parents who sent their children to school sick. Nice.

We've developed a bit of a routine since we've had so many of these kinds of days. He knows that the sheet and waterproof pad covered couch in the living room will be his daily hang out and that chicken nuggets are out of the matter how much he might think he can handle them.

He seems to be doing marginally better than he was the last couple of days, thank goodness. The first day (Wednesday) I got a call from his teacher saying that she was concerned about him so I dropped everything and rushed over there. Still in my black yoga pant pajama bottoms, no less. By the time we got back home he was tearful and moaning his way through some hard chills. Poor guy. He was absolutely miserable until he fell asleep a couple hours later. It was odd to see him so still that early in the day.

Like I said, though, he is slightly better today. He's steadily drinking water and has managed to hold down some pretzels. Yay! We'll take progress in any form we can get it in at this point.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The joys of pregnancy....hmmm, maybe not.

Alrighty, folks. I have reached that very fun stage of the prego journey where I've morphed into the annoying child in the back of the van that asks ad nauseam, "Are we there, yet?!" Yes, I could sit here and romanticize the not-so-fun (or pretty) aspects of pregnancy as it's nearing its end but, frankly, I'm too sore to try. Sorry.

The cute baby bump has exploded into something which I have a hard time even getting a loose nightgown around. And it's itchy. Old ladies in the grocery store are always making the comment that I look like I'm gonna pop. *sigh*

I thought my hips were wide enough already, but apparently I thought wrong as they are constantly aching these days from spreading. This, of course, means that I'm looking more and more like a duck with all the waddling I'm havin' to do. Quack!

Bending over for any reason is a thing of the distant past. The Bubs has been such a good helper when it comes to picking up after me when I drop things, which is frequently. Talk about a role reversal, y'all! I get aggravated with having to ask him for help all the time, but I think he's learned about empathy, cooperation and patience in the process. It's also training him to be an awesome big brother.

Well, I think I've moaned long enough...besides, you do NOT want me to talk about all the gas that's been happenin' around here! Yet another fun and thoroughly undignified side effect of being prego. At least it's a side effect that never fails to entertain my two guys. Yep, I live to bring a smile to their faces.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No, Anna, you can't protect him from it all...

I remember when the Bubs was just a teeny lil' thing and he began to notice the outside world. Different people, places, images sounds, etc. He was -and still is- a child-sized sponge that would soak every new thing up before Hubby and I had a chance to register what he'd absorbed. That wasn't such a big deal in those days, but that ain't the case these days!

I've been taken aback lately with the amount of totally inappropriate images, language and even behavior that's displayed in front of him...and all this during a simple trip to the store. And don't get me started with the obnoxious "kid shows" that are on t.v. these days or the semi- pornographic commercials that seem to be on every.......oh, you probl'ly already know what I'm talking about on that score, so I'll hush. We just turn the channel or fast-forward through stuff if we can....

In any case, I know I can't put blinders on him but I also don't want to draw his attention to all the distractions, either. The Hubs and I have kinda settled on a "we'll tackle it if he brings it up" tactic. So far, so good. I still really, really want to put some blinders on him though!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Assumed the Position

Hallelujah! The baby is head down! I had another OB specialist appointment yesterday and they did the usual growth ultrasound to make sure the placenta hadn't gotten any thicker (it hasn't). The first thing I asked was if the baby was still breech. Come to find out, he was head down and face down. That last bit made me realize that I've prob'ly been rubbin' on his lil' tushy through my stomach these last couple of weeks...that could have interesting ramifications once he's born!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Darn that stomach virus!

You know, I really did try to outrun that pesky stomach virus that's been laying people low lately, the Hubby and Bubs included, but it stuck out it's vile foot and tripped me up a couple of days ago. Ick. I ended up in the hospital with a bag of saline or two for company and a fetal monitor to keep track of the baby. He's fine, but the dehydration brought on some mild contractions and severe cramping that we were concerned about.

I'm on the road to recovery now, albeit a bit on the weak side. The Hubs has become my pusher...of fluids, that is! If he's not asking me how much I've had to drink, he's bringing me a glass of something. He's almost fierce in his care of the Bubs and I these days what with the sickness that has snuck in and batted us about. After all the times that the Bubs and I have had to do without his help and concern because he was away from home, this is wonderful.

So, I hope no one else has been tripped up by the long, slimey leg of the stomach virus bug! As for me, I'll just keep chugging fluids (that'll keep Hubby from grumbling!) and resting when I can...

Monday, February 2, 2009 doesn't bother me, Y'all!

I know that there may be those of you who are glad that football season is over. No more shows about stats and replays of the previous days games. No more football lingo being slung around...things like, "tight end, pass/reception ratio, third down conversions", etc.

At my house it's a different story. The Hubby and I both like to watch football and, as Steelers fans, are totally stoked that they won their 6th Super Bowl title which is the most in the league! We love to watch Roethlisberger scramble in the pocket and evade tackle after tackle, Hines Ward grin his way through a game, Heath Miller, Willie Parker and Santonio Holmes all make dynamic plays and then there's my favorite - Troy Polamalu. Man that guy knows how to read a play and hustle!

Now, I grew up watching the occasional game but I wasn't particularly interested in the sport as a whole. When the Hubs and I met he slowly but surely got, not only me, but my Mom into watching the games. He didn't mind all of our questions or inane comments (still doesn't), or the fact that we'd talk at all which I know some men hate during games. I think his patience went a long way to me being more receptive to him watching the games and to me joining in with him. Now, we have something else to talk about and he feels more comfortable in his own home. He's even been introducing the Bubs to the sport and invites him to come hang with him during the games. Invites, not forces. If the Bubs isn't in the mood, the Hubs doesn't push the issue. The last few weeks, though, the Bubs has enjoyed hanging out with me and his daddy while we watch football....even if he looses interest after a while and just plays with his trains on the floor. We're together and that's the whole point.

Last night, we had our own little Super Bowl party here at the house. We chowed down on apple and Snicker salad, bacon wrapped Lil' Smokies baked in a little brown sugar, veggies and dip, the usual chips and salsa, and for the Bubs some pepperoni and cheese with Ritz crackers. The Hubby thought that I shouldn't have gone through the trouble but he complimented me the whole evening and we all enjoyed the festivities.

Hmmmm. Speaking of those goodies, I think there are some leftovers and I'm having a craving. Gotta go!!