Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prego check-up

I had my 29 week check up with my ditzy doc yesterday. Thankfully, she wasn't as ditzy this time around and the check up went well. Hubby was even able to be there with me. The baby's heartbeat was nice and strong and the belly measurement was right on target. Then I was even complimented on keeping my weight fairly consistent throughout the pregnancy so far. Yes, I did let loose with a snicker at that one as I haven't the slightest clue how I'm not huger than I am! Let's just say that the cravings have not all been for fresh fruit and veggies, y'all.

The subject of what to do if the baby continues to be in a breech position did come up. The doc assured me that the baby still had room to turn, but if he continued to be breech after the 36 week mark, that we'd have to decide if we wanted to try an external cephalic version (ECV), where they would turn the baby, or just wait to see if a c-section was the way to go. Seeing as everything I've read about an ecv indicates that it's only 50% effective, can cause bleeding a premature labor and that the baby could just turn back to a breech position anyway....well, I'm leaning towards just waiting to see about a c-section if the baby hasn't turned on his own.

Do I want a c-section? Not so much.

Will I do it for the baby? Without a moment's hesitation.

However, there's still time for everything to work out naturally. We'll handle whatever needs to be done when it needs to be done. Save that worry for another day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"It smells like Jesus in here!"

The Hubs is taking the Bubs to school this morning (my back is outta whack) so I thought I'd hop in here for a moment or three. Especially since it's been a while between posts *head hanging in shame*......

I'm sure y'all are wondering what the title up there is all about. That would be what my hilarious Bubs said after church this past Sunday...Not Kidding!

After church, my Dad (who's the church musician) and I went to fetch the Bubs from children's church downstairs. He was chattering away to me and his Poppi about helping another little boy in the class. We had reached the top of the stairs and opened the door which lead to a small hallway. Out in the hallway, a couple was selling organic coffee for charitable proceeds and the whole area smelled like freshly ground coffee....along with the usual "churchy" smells -women's perfume, furniture polish, the usual half-burnt coffee, etc.

All of a sudden the Bubs takes a big sniff and says, "It smells like Jesus in here!"

Dad and I laughed almost the whole way to my car! When I told the Hubs later that day, he laughed and shook his head, "That's my Bubs."

So, if anyone out there was wonderin' what Jesus smells like...according to my son, he smells like a combination of coffee, perfumes, and furniture polish.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow day, snow day! .....What? Inauguration?

That's right, folks! We've got snow down here in the south! And it was cold enough to lay and not melt as soon as it hit the ground!

I know, I know. My excitement is prob'ly a bit sickening to my Yankee relatives and bloggy peeps, but I can't help it, y'all!

We were plastered to the windows for most of the day watching the winter storm's progress...completely missing out on the big inaugural hoopla that was plastered on practically every station known to man. Feel guilty about that? Nope. I know it was a historical event, whether I agree with the person being sworn in or not, but we were so caught up in the wonder of the white stuff that it fell by the wayside. I'll watch the ceremony on youtube later...

For now, though, here's one more snowy snapshot for the road~

Friday, January 16, 2009

The curious case of the changing due date~

Yeah, so I go to my OB specialist appointment today whereupon I was promptly informed that my April 1st due date was wrong. It is, instead, supposed to be April 11th...and where did I get the idea that it was the 1st?

I had gotten the idea from my regular doc who, I think, was having a ditzy day. I reapeatedly asked if she was sure about the date change at that stage in the pregnancy since ultrasound pics can be misleading (which was what she was going by). Oh, no! She assured me that she was right and, in a ditzily condescending way, let me know that I was mistaken. Yeah, okay lady! I'm back to an April 11th due date. Even though it feels like things are further along than that. During the anatomy scan today - to check on the thickness of the placenta which was in normal range - the baby was relatively quiet in his breech position. He looked much more filled out than he did a month ago. He's a little over three pounds and I already wanna squeeze him and get all of his sugar!

Well, I'm off to change my baby ticker over there on the left sidebar...again.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

29 weeks down and how many days to go?!

Yay, I'm 29 weeks prego...well, give or take. With all the kerfluffle about my due date, I'm not carving the April 1st due date in stone!

I've officially entered the "nothing-is-comfortable-for-long" stage. My hubby patiently watches me waddle from chair to chair in our livingroom most between watching me waddle to and from the bathroom. I'm sure it's a bit like watching a tennis game on crack! The Bubs has started looking for me in the bathroom first when he has a question. *chuckling* Thankfully, the Hubby has kept himself available to the both of us and that's prevented any rough spots or lapses with the Bubs.

Hubby and I were finally able to agree on a name for the baby a few months ago and I think that's gone a long way in helping the Bubs adjust to our new addition. He talks to him through my belly and gives him "belly kisses". The other day, he came in and let me know that he'd cleaned up the floor of his playroom so that "baby's name" could have room to play, too. Cute! And he really had!

No, I haven't come up with a suitable bloggy pseudonym for the new baby. I've had suggestions that the baby's title rhyme with Hubs and Bubs....I don't know that I can do that! There are a limited sum of nicknames that rhyme with those two words and, Honey, none of them are decent. I just refuse to use "tubs" or "nubs". I think I'd rather wait to meet the lil' guy and see what happens...when I've had enough sleep to be semi-lucid, that is!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting it done...and discoveries~

What a day! If I see another grocery aisle it'll be too soon!

It was the typical pay day grocery shopping mania and I'm thrilled that the Hubs and I got it done...and that it's over with. With so many families suffering with job loss and tightening purse strings, I felt very lucky to be able to get everything that we needed with a few "how did that get in the cart?" extras. So that's one big item that we can check off the ever present to do list.

Mom's still in the hospital. I know she's tired of the whole ordeal and very ready to go home, but she still has more fluid to get rid of and, now, a possible infection to fight off. We'll find out more about the infection in the next couple days when the results of the blood culture come back. *sigh* I just wanna break her out of there! Just think, the Hubs can be the break out guy and I could be the getaway driver....

So the Bubs has become very interested in maps the last couple of months. Even when we're driving, he gives us directions and is usually right! My mother-in-law gave us a GPS system for the car and the Bubs is tickled pink every time we use it. Between the GPS and the fact that maps are something they're studying in his class, he's becoming quite the enthusiast. It's fun to watch him discover new items of interest on the maps in his playroom and try to decipher the different map legends. Of course, the location of all the railroad tracks is a major item of interest for him and the first thing he looks for. I don't think watching him discover new things will ever get old for me! It's so much fun.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Like an episode of E.R.

Well, this week has been an interesting one for our family. Medically speaking, that is. Mom is back in the hospital because she's retained a lot of fluid (again). Hopefully, while the fluid is being dealt with, they can also do something to keep it from happening over and over again. I know she hates being in the hospital even though, logically, she knows she needs to be there right now. Needless to say, when Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. We're prayerful, but tense. Tbe Hubs is also going through something, but out of respect for his wishes, I'm not going to post any specifics.

I'm still having contractions at odd moments, but nothing overly worrisome. Nothing is comfortable for any length of time...sitting, standing or lying down. I wasn't this uncomfortable when I was prego with the Bubs until a few weeks before he was born. The Hubs' understanding and frequently given back rubs have gone a long way to making things more bearable. I love that man!

Well, there are dishes in the sink crying out for attention and more water for me to chug down so I'm gonna run...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Project Mania

It seems like this has become the time of year when people take on new projects. Improving one's health, cleaning out the attic, organizing important documents...or whatever thing someone has put off doing all seem to suddenly become do-able. Here at our house, we've been cleaning out the unneeded junk and de-cluttering the clutter for a few weeks. Are we done, yet? No way, honey, but we're 95% there. Thank goodness.

As we get closer to some sense of completion with this massive project, it occurs to me that there are other projects that I've put off or forgotten about lurking around the house cryin' out for some love and attention. Recipes that I've been wanting to organize, scrapbooks that need to be started/finished, windows that I've been meaning to scrub, keepsakes and photos that need to know what? I'll just say that I've got some stuff that needs to be gettin' done!

For now, though, I'll just be content that the recipes, photos, scrapbooks, etc. are at least in their respective containers/areas and leave it at that. I'm easily pleased at this point, y'all!

So to all of you who are tackling new projects, finishing up long negleted ones and/or generally trying to shape up, I wish you success and patience in your endeavors!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's my (belated) Bloggy-versary!

It hit me a few days ago that my 1 year bloggy-versary has come and gone without me doing one thing to celebrate it! I'll blame it on the usual holiday hooplah and let it slide, but I did want to commemorate it with my first Everyday Occasions post. I decided to take up blogging after reading my cousins' blogs and getting such a kick out of the pictures and stories about what was going on in their lives. I was in the middle of one of Hubby's deployments at the time, also, and I thought it would be a good way to distract me from the evening blues that so often happened after the Bubs was asleep.

I've been fortunate enough to have met some fabulously thoughtful and creative people through this venture and I'm addicted to reading your blurts and getting your comments. Seriously, y'all, I looooove the comments!


This Christmas makes the second year in a row that my five year old son, the Bubs, and I have celebrated the holiday season without my husband. He is currently out of country fulfilling a 7 month deployment as a United States Marine. I am unabashedly proud of my hubby and understand that there are going to be times when he has to be away from home. When he puts his name down on the dotted line for another enlistment it's as if we have all signed our names right along with him. As much as I understand the need for him to be away, I must confess that during the holiday season I find myself fighting off some serious self pity! As a result, I tend to go a little overboard with the whole Christmas gig in order to distract my son and me. Needless to say I had begun to feel the effects of juggling so many different events earlier this month and was crankier than my son when he's overheated, hungry and tired!

So after dropping my mom off at her doctor's appointment a couple weeks ago (she is bravely battling breast cancer), my son and I did something you wouldn't think of as being particularly Christmassy to counter act my bout of bah-humbugness. We walked along the water front. It was just he and I on the deserted sidewalks and docks...along with a few dozen sea gulls. We meandered along and stopped to look at whatever struck our fancy. We looked out over the calm waters at some sailboats that were anchored nearby, shells that the gulls had broken on the sidewalk, waterway maps on the sides of buildings and small fish darting here and there in the shallows. We even enjoyed swinging on the covered swings that lined a portion of the water front. I, as usual, had my camera in hand and snapped off pictures at will. It was a wonderful walk in it's unhurried, unplanned simplicity.

I know that it may not be what many think of as a traditional holiday event but for me it captured everything that's become precious to me about Christmas as I've gotten a bit older (notice I didn't say matured...) and that is family. For those precious moments I was able to truly enjoy being with my son and he with me. I think every child should have memories of their parents of when they were able to one another. (Of course, this is much easier said than done.)

The Bubs perfectly summed up the morning as I was getting him into his car seat. He gave a big, blustery sigh and said, "We had a great walk Mommy. I love you."

Friday, January 2, 2009

Gettin' ready for baby...

Between the few contractions I had the other day and the fact that every time I see a doc, my due date is bumped up by several weeks I'm feelin' the need to get my tush in gear and get ready for our baby's arrival (which is in around 3 months!). I'm nowhere near as frantic in my planning as I was when we were expecting the Bubs, but I know that some prep and pre-baby shopping will go a long way to cutting out some unneeded stress after our lil' love is here. Especially when the mom-in-law's here.....*ahem!*


I've looked at different articles and such and have picked up a few things. Most of them say the same things like taking help when it's offered, not stressing over housework, get as much ready ahead of time as possible, etc. I know for the first little while Hubby, Bubs and me will prob'ly forget the world around us and stare at our new bundle of joy. Not to mention, me and the Hubby will also be introducing the Bubs to his new role as big brother. So if the dishes don't get done right away, so be it. (My family's laughing at that last statement, by the way. They know I hate doing the dishes anyway!)

So far, I'm not that concerned about a nursery theme or a crib. Hubby and I have decided not to worry about getting a crib right now and, instead, get a co-sleeper to put in our room. We like the co-spleeper idea because it would put the baby within arm's reach and make those middle of the night eating and comforting sessions a lot easier. I found one that has storage underneath, too. Yay!

I may just be in a phase here, but for now I'm a little more concerned about making sure we have the essentials rather than the cutesy nursery stuff, etc. (Well, except for the clothes!) This could be because this is our second baby so we know what to look for, what items helped/didn't help, and a tiny bit about what to expect. So as Hubby and I work out what we really need and a few things that we want, I'm sure we're both thinking, "How long before we get our tax return money?"