Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm really hoping that y'all are able to see my Happy Thanksgiving do-dad up above! I had fun making it and I wanted to share the is my first Scrapblog publish to my blog, though, so be forgiving (like y'all usually are!).

Now for the really big news...*drum roll*

It's A Boy!

I know, I know! I kept saying that this pregnancy must be a little girl because everything felt so different from when we were prego with the Bubs but, Honey, were we wrong! The sono lady knew almost instantly that it was a boy and the child was not shy about showing that bit of himself off. We did have some trouble seeing other parts, though. She really wasn't able to get a good, clear shot of the heart and its four chambers so we might have to go back later. Developmentally, she said that it looked to be almost a week and a half further along than the due date indicated, but she wasn't going to change the due date at this stage in the game.

We had fun watching the kid jump all over the place and even, at one point, put his hands over his little face to avoid all the pokin' and proddin'. We were a little in shock over the "boy news", but extremely happy nonetheless! Now if we could just agree on a boy's name......

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Joanna said...

Woohoo! At least you know! My youngest wouldn't let on and was a surprise to the end. Which is odd because it's not like the boy is shy.

Congrats! Maybe you should go with Tubs for the blog?