Saturday, August 29, 2009

A stocking for E-man~

I know. Christmas isn't for several more months, but I couldn't help myself! I saw this blue velvet remnant that was marked down to less than a dollar and just knew that it would make the perfect material for E-man's Christmas stocking. Besides, with all the holiday shenanigans and shindigs that will be going on when December rolls around, I'm not gonna have a single free moment for making a stocking.

I made the rest of our stockings when the Bubs was a baby. I had a moderate amount of scrap fabric and a minimal amount of greenbacks to support any kind of decorating thus our handmade stockings were born (me and sewing machines don't get along). I also painted glass ornaments that year for our tree and to give as gifts. I still have some of those....they were fun to do. Hmmm, maybe I'll do a few for Christmas this year, too.

Anyway, I used remnants and pieces of clothing for this stocking, too (I used a pair of jeans for Hubs and Bubs's). That blue and brown plaid is from a dress that I wore when the Hubs and I were dating. Those buttons are some from a collection that I have from my great-grandmother's alteration business. I love reusing things and including items that have a bit of history attached.

You've prob'ly noticed that the stocking is minus the more traditional Christmas colors of red and green. What can I say? When I saw that dark blue fabric, thoughts of red and green flew out the window! It just looks like the E-man to me.

So, yes, I've started my Christmas projects a bit early - well, early to me - but I couldn't resist. I've got a few more things left to do on the E-man's stocking, yet. It needs a hanger ribbon, his name and maybe something decorative on the body of the it. I don't know, I'll prob'ly make it up as I go along....Like I usually do!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where'd the week go?

Whoa, nelly. What a week!

The Bubs started first grade. We're getting back in the groove with some old routines and breakin' in some new ones. He's slid back into the school shindig pretty well so far and I'm relieved.

Pay no attention to the goofy expression on his face over there. *sigh* I was trying to snap a pic before we headed out the door and this is what he gave me. My silly boy.

E-man has cut his first tooth and is well on his way to a second. He's been shoving everything he can get his little hands on into his mouth to gnaw on.

Hubs even let him chew on one of his old Playstation controllers. That's love right there people. The man tore apart a controller for the E-man's teething mania.

As for our weekend, let's hope that Danny (tropical storm) doesn't wreck our time off...or anything else for that matter!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starting school and tissues

I've taken the Bubs to his first day of 1st grade. *sigh*

I had visions of a complicated morning last night while I was thinking of everything that our morning routine would include. My mental projections were for naught. We got out of the house without a hitch and in a good mood.

What I wasn't counting on was my heart stuttering as I watched the Bubs kiss his little brother and tell him over and over, "I love you so much. I'm gonna miss you but I'll see you later."

Those were the same words I told him on his first day of Kindergarten.

Where did I put that box of tissues?!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures, first grade and mommyhood...

What is it about looking through past pictures that makes one go all sentimental? *sigh*

That's a picture of him from a couple years ago.

The Bubs is starting 1st grade next week. Wasn't it last week that we were snapping off pictures at his kindergarten celebration? Oy!

The summertime boredom bug has fully sink it's teeth into the Bubs's tushy. Between the E-man cutting teeth and needing extra cuddling and the torrential thunderstorms, our outdoor time has been limited. I've gotta remedy that pronto before we both go a little batty!

With our venture into first grade around the corner, the uniforms have been bought and the school supplies purchased and set aside, ready to be put to use. I know he's ready to go back and he's excited about the new routines and new friends, but I can't help but wish that time would slow down for just a little while. That's mommyhood for you...we delight in watching them discover new things and discover themselves, yet we want to hold back the hands of time, too.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cheetos Sugar

The Bubs and I have a long standing tradition of naming his sugar by flavor. And by sugar, I mean that sweetness that a mommy can only get by tickling or kissing.

I guess it stems from when my Mom would ask me, "Do you feel like a grape or a marshmallow today?" She'd then proceed to decide which it was by getting our sugar....and lots of it.

The Bubs has all kinds of sugar. For instance, there's marshmallow on his tummy and peppermint on his back which, of course, mixes into a peppermint marshmallow on his sides. It's good sugar, y'all!

The Cheetos flavored variety are located under his neck. Being the cleverly funny boy that he is, he started telling me that the Cheetos factory was closed for the day and I couldn't have any more sugar. Ha! I told him that I had the master mommy key and could get in anyway! Big laughs ensued.

Several years later he's discovered the gross-out factor. Now he just tells me, in the most adorably serious manner, that I can't have his sugar because his Cheetos are, "old, rotten and hairy".

He just looks at me funny when I end up practically rolling on the floor laughing.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

And away we go...Choo, Choo!

We were recently able to go to a local railroad museum that the Bubs had been asking to go to for quite some time. His excitement was a thing to behold. Especially when he was talking to the E-man about it before we left. So cute!

We ate at a place downtown called Fat Tony's. The food was so-so and the bathroom horrible, but it was different and we all were determined to enjoy ourselves anyway.

When we pulled into the parking lot, the Bubs was overcome with
joy. He laughed his way to the train that was parked at the entrance and could barely stand the wait as the rest of us (Dad, the Hubs and my brother, Big A) to get E-man in his stroller

It wasn't the largest train museum in the world, but you could definitely tell that someone or many someones had taken a lot of time and care with the place.

Hubs and Bubs are both model train enthusiasts and had a blast with the huge train layouts. There were buttons galore to be pushed to make the different trains go.

Hubs kept asking me if I was having fun and I don't know why. I was walking along behind them, camera in hand, with a big smile on my face. I always get the biggest kick out of fueling the Bubs's curiosity and sense of fun. Not to mention, I got out of the house and I didn't have to cook...I'd say it was a win-win all around, wouldn't you?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Epiphany while wearing P.J.'s

Rocking, rocking, rocking......

E-man's slowly going limp on my chest, drifting into dreams and rest. I'm covered in baby messes and wearing the same p.j. pants I wore yesterday, not yet having had a chance to change out of them...and it's going on 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

The Bubs is in his bed having disobeyed me about something we'd already had many talks about. No big scene or useless yelling, just a few words to remind him of the rule and why he's being punished. I don't hear anything so I think he's gone to sleep. That's probably what he needed anyway. The memory of his little face falling when I told him that he was too good and too smart to have pulled the stunt that he did is still fresh in my mind.

The house is even messier than usual. Furniture shoved here and there, boxes scattered in the kitchen waiting to be filled before the demolition begins, patches of plywood here and there waiting to be replaced with finished flooring, along with the usual air of unkemptness that accompainies the middle of the week. Here I sit, lacking the energy and motivation to dive in and tackle it all.

The Hubs woke up this morning with pain, as he does all too often these days. His appointments have been postponed yet again. I can't help but feel frustrated on his behalf...these appointments are a big part of figuring out why, slowly and painfully, his body is betraying him.

In the middle of all of these things, I have an epiphany that quiets the frustrations, worries and distractions: I am blessed.

Yes, I said blessed.

I have a wonderful family that, even though we have our struggles, I love and who love me in return. I have a home in a world where having one has become a precious thing and not just the accepted norm. I have a Saviour that, no matter my many failings, stumblings and wrongdoings, continues to faithfully and lovingly forgive me.

Such simple, wondrous things that I know are infinitely dear, but I had begun to lose sight of their value as I let myself get caught up in distractions that come with the process of living life.

There you have it, my big epipany while wearing baby puke covered p.j.'s.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Reuse, Recycle, Repaint

A while ago, I let the Bubs pick out some reasonably priced train pictures from Among them was a metal Lionel Train sign that I didn't quite know how to display. The Bubs kept asking me when I was going to hang it in his room and I told him I would come up with something soon...

Since his room looks like this right now (see below) I wasn't too worried about it.

In the process of taking things off the walls in the kitchen a few days ago, I came across a bulletin board that I'd made a long time ago out of fabric-wrapped cork and a salvaged wooden picture frame. Hmm...possibilities.

David, to his delight, helped me paint the frame and the edges of the fabric a glossy black using acrylic paint and "mommy's special paint brushes".

Even though it may be a bit before we can hang it up in his room, we both had fun and the Bubs learned a practical lesson in reusing and recycling.

Not to mention, I think it will look pretty cool hanging up on his wall with the other artwork he picked out once his floors are finished and his bedroom set to rights.

Going "green" with that's something we can get behind!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Traditionally non-traditional anniversaries

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary.

Traditionally, our anniversaries tend to be, well, not traditional.

There have been a few years where the Hubs was on the other side of the globe, others when the money was tight, and even one year when the mother-in-law was visiting...and sleeping just down the hall from us. Fun times, those.

This year seems to be following the trend of non-traditionalism. We, thanks to Dad, managed to get down to the local movie theater to see a movie we'd been trying to get to for weeks. Some of you may be horrified that we spent our anniversary at a movie theater but that's what we both wanted (and were able) to do.

We had fun and were ridiculously giddy over the fact that we didn't have to unload two kids, carseat, diaper bag and stroller from the car every time we turned around. It doesn't take much for us, does it?

I don't need a big "to-do" to know that I love the Hubs. I have other things - the boys, shared laughter, holding hands, flirting (yes, we still flirt), support when times get tough, understanding when the world seems to be a mess.....

And if those things aren't enough, I can always run up behind him and pinch his booty.

That's right, I said pinch his booty! I may get to be an old lady, but I'll still appreciate the fine line of that behind.

Like I said, not traditional.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mania, Repairs & Possibilities

Whew! What a week last week turned out to be! Between our usual kid mania and getting the ball rolling on our floor re-pair/kitchen re-do, this is the first chance I've had to jump on here.

A little while back, our furnace unit leaked all over our floor and we didn't catch it until it had done a good deal of damage. We had an insurance adjuster out lickety-split and now the repairs are underway.
I emailed a friend about all of the goings on and I told her that I felt relieved that the repairs were happening despite the mess and disruption. I also told her to remind me I said that when the mess is messier and the disruptions are, well, more disruptive.

All this is a precurser to our kitchen being redone (hallelujah!!) and maybe, just maybe...drumroll please....a small studio for me.

The Hubs may be a touch more excited about it than I am (believe it or not). If I had a place to put all my art stuff, I may just quit leaving a trail of it around the house. Or not, but it sounds like a great justifying statement, don't it? You bet!

Anyway, this is the potential studio. Stop snickering. Yes, that is an honest-to-goodness hot tub from the 70's. The Hubs has an odd affection for the thing, but he and I both agree that it's getting the axe (or sledgehammer?) soon.

We nail down the details of the rest of the work with the contractor tomorrow. In other words, we'll find out how far the money will take us. For now, the small room that I'm grandly calling a studio, is just a possibility. We'll find out the reality tomorrow. A girl can still dream, though.......