Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mommy Meltdown....Gone Funny?

I come from a family that is made up of strong-willed, smart people. My husband's family background is very similar. So, it was almost a given that the Bubs would inherit those qualities. He is a very smart, inquisitive, creative little boy who also possesses one wicked sense of humor. He is a hoot to be around.........most of the time. This week has been, um, interesting.

We've entered a new phase where he's beginning to question everything. With every instruction he's given he offers up any number of protests that begin with the words, "But Mommy....!" I'm usually able to sail right through his arguments by explaining the reasoning behind the instruction or redirecting his comments in some way. After a couple weeks straight of this behavior, however, I've been reduced to breaking out the old standby, "Because I told you to." The effectiveness of this has completely expired (there's a shocker!).

The Bubs stayed with Mom and Aunt Dianne tonight while I went to my trio practice at church. As soon as I walked in the door I noticed that he was sitting in a recliner wrapped up with a throw and looked pale and sleepy. When I walked into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee with Dianne, he jumped up and started playing with his toys again. I'm sure he thought that if I saw him play I wouldn't think he was sleepy. Sneaky booger!

After I chatted with Mom and Di for a while, I decided it was time to head home and told David to go ahead and pack his toys. "But Mommy.......! No! I don't want to! We can leave in 30 minutes!............." On and on it went for five minutes. I finally turned to talk with Mom and ignored him. He began to pack when he noticed I wasn't listening anymore. One. Blessed. Piece. At. A. TIME!! Slower and slower he went..........*sigh* Needless to say, the law was laid down and the Bubs was NOT happy about that.

I thought that the situation was back under control and turned to answer a question that Mom had asked. Boy, was I wrong! All of a sudden I hear David's dulcet tones float in from the living room bemoaning how unfair I was being. I kinda snapped. I stepped around the chair that Mom was occupying to the loveseat to her left and shoved my face into a pillow to yell out my frustrations. In the middle of my muffled meltdown I hear someone laughing. If that's the Bubs, he's totally gonna get it.....wait, that's MY MOTHER!! I turned around to see Mom with her hands slapped over her mouth, shoulders shaking and her head thrown back. All I hear is, "I'm so-oo-rry! Ha, ha, ha! I -ha, ha- can't he-e-e-lp it! It's your fa-a-ult! You're so funn-n-y! He, he, ha, ha, ha!"

That's me. I aim to entertain......

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pass it along...

I've had a love of reading for most of my life. With my Dad being an elementary school teacher and my Mom also working in the school system in various positions, one of which was as a librarian's assistant, I was always exposed to literature of some kind. I was taught the importance of being able to read from an early age. It wasn't until I was a bit older that I fully understood what it was to have a love of reading. I knew there had to be some truth to the idea since my Mom always seemed to have a book in her hand whenever she had a few precious moments to herself and would often laugh out loud when reading a particularly funny book.

I fell in love with reading when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I was hanging out in Dad's 5th grade classroom after school, probably waiting for a teacher's meeting to end, when I happened to pick up Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. I was hooked.

When you have a child it's natural to want to share your loves and passions with them. I knew that Bubs may not be as enthused about reading as I am but, if anything, I wanted him to understand its importance and many benefits. So while other people were running out and buying cute outfits or super cuddly toys....I was buying books. Big books, little books, old books, new books - I bought them all! The Bubs had a small library before he'd ever set eyes on the world.

Now at the age of 5 the Bubs loves to read. I think he has almost every Thomas the Tank Engine book ever published and is now working his way through Max and Ruby publications. I recently purchased CLICK, CLACK, MOO Cows That Type and Giggle, Giggle Quack written by Doreen Cronin. We've read them both at bedtime for two nights running and have found them to be laugh-out-loud funny! Click, Clack, Moo is also a 2001 Caldecott Honor Book for it's illustrations.

As an unexpected benefit of introducing the Bubs to reading, he's begun to "write" his own stories. He talks about the many and varied escapades of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends while I, Ammah or Poppi type them on the computer. (Ammah and Poppi translation - Grandma and Grandpa) I gotta tell you, the kid has a good sense of story and loves lots of drama and action scenes! I hope he dedicates his first book to me!

So what passion are you passing along? Or have you discovered a new passion because of a new phase in your life? (Doesn't have to be kid related, y'all!)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ranting from my soapbox...with love!

Scraaaaaape...shuffle, shuffle, shufle....THUNK!


Alright people. I've officially dragged my soapbox out and am now ready to speak.

I'm very new to the world of blogging and was a teensy bit aprehensive about my writing not being good enough compared to others that I had read. My love of being creative drowned out any inner protestations, however, and it's become one of my greatest outlets. I look forward to catching up on the latest posts from my fave blogs by some very talented, funny and gracious ladies. I have noticed that I keep coming across the same line of thinking in the posts I've been reading lately...and, to be honest, have thought and expressed the same thinking on more than one occasion myself. We all look at other people's posts/lives, compare ourselves and find ourselves wanting. I admit to reading other entries and wishing I could write something as funny/inspiring as another person or have felt like my life is so small compared to another's busy and adventure-filled life. Have you found yourself doing the same?

How utterly silly we are being!! I love delving into your different worlds through your writing and pictures. Yes, it's a great thing to feel a sense of connection with another blogger who shares your sense of humor or is at a similar place in their life. To me, the best thing is to learn. To see the same things through a different pair of eyes, so to speak. So let's all just relax, write and enjoy ourselves shall we!

Okay, I'm done now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Just a day, just an ordinary day..."

No pressing errands to run, no special event to attend - just another ordinary Wednesday at our house. But who says an ordinary Wednesday can't be special?

The Bubs got to enjoy some computer time (on a Mom-approved site, y'all) while I got a few things squared away in the kitchen. With both of us being sick the last week and trying to resolve the lost wallet issue and all the mess that goes along with it...Well, let's just say that things around the house have gotten out of hand. Mommicked would be the more accurate term. What's "mommicked" mean? It's a southern way of saying something is all jacked up.

Bubs was having such a good time laughing and playing on the computer that I had to take a picture! Every two seconds he would yell for me to come to the office and share in his triumphs after he'd won at a game. I made it in there for most of them and enjoyed yelling and jumping around with abandon.

After a much-needed chat with my hubby, the Bubs and I threw on our jackets and headed outside. Between having colds and bad weather, we haven't been outside for a week or so. I didn't realize how much we needed to get out until we stepped out into the crisp afternoon air. The bubs informed me that he would play with his wagon and that I could take pictures. My son knows me all too well!! We ended up in the front yard where we picked up branches and sticks that had fallen due to all of the wind we've had lately. He did such a good job, my little helper!

We both got a kick out of finding our first flower of the new year at the base of one of our trees. Well, maybe I got a kick out of it and the Bubs just looked and said, "That's nice, Mom. Did you take a picture, yet?" Uncanny the way that child knows me!

It's become our habit to end up sitting on the front porch, legs dangling over the edge and talking about everything and nothing. It's, without a doubt, my favorite outdoor activity!

Signs of Spring

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Simple Life

Luxury, for me, used to be a long soak in a tub filled to the brim with fragrant bubbles while reading a great book. Now the luxury would be in not having to scrub the tub before I used it. 'Nuff said.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mr. Teddidiah O'Hare

I was introduced to Mr. Teddidiah O'Hare on my first date with my Hubby. We were strolling through our local mall talking and laughing together when we happened by a flower shop. For some reason he maneuvered us inside and we looked at all the little odds-n-ends that filled every nook and cranny of the tiny shop. I saw Mr. Teddidiah and was intrigued by his shy grin and kind, intelligent eyes (Yes, I know he's a stuffed bear, but just go with me here folks...Please). I turned to say something to my future hubby and was confused when he wasn't beside me. When I finally located him, he was at the cash register. The sneaky guy had snatched Mr. Teddidiah from his perch on his crowded shelf and was busy "adopting" him. When he was finished we walked out together and he handed me Mr. Teddidiah with a little sideways smile. I still chuckle to myself when I remember that night. We had so much fun just being together...we still do.

Even though Mr. Teddidiah was a bit flustered at having been so unceremoniously plucked from his temporary home, he was pleased to have found a permanent one. He became my companion when my, then boyfriend, left shortly after that for a 6 month deployment to Japan. He was even given a spritz of my boyfriend's cologne to make him even more snuggly. This was a great sacrifice on his part as he prefers Aramis, but he was willing to do it for me. He even went so far as to whisper his nickname to me one night when I was feeling particularly lonesome. He's given me permission to share it with you - Teddy.

Teddy is an old-fashioned gentleman. He has a weakness for hot tea with lemon and honey with sugar tea cakes on the side. He always likes to look "just so" and is unfailingly polite, even when he's aggravated. When the Bubs was born, Teddy immediately took him under his fuzzy arm and doled out his own particular brand of comfort when needed. Teddy has lived with us for almost 8 years now. His fur isn't quite as shiny as it once was and his bow tie is looking rather frayed, but his unique charm hasn't faded one bit. (I once tried to give him a new bow tie, but he huffily refused. He said that his tie was a reminder of when the Bubs was little and liked to chew on it. I apologized profusely and was graciously forgiven.) Bubs still loves to give Teddy big hugs while breathing in his Daddy's cologne and I must admit to doing the same.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

'appy Vawentibe's Day....Achooo!

Yep...Got the cold that the Bubs has. Boogery snots, itchy throat, head throbbing pressure and all. I knew it was inevitable but, geez! I was sooo hoping that this would be the one time we didn't do the nasty cold germ swap. Oi.
My Bubs is head-shakingly funny when he's sick. One minute he's telling me how much he loves me and cuddling with me on the couch...the next minute he's arguing with me about everything while trying to wipe his nose on my sleeve without me noticing. He was so extreme this evening on the way home from my parent's house that I started laughing.

"It's not funny, Mom!"

"Oh-ho, but it is!"


I'm unable to speak for laughing.

The next thing I know, giggles erupt from the back seat.

"Oh, I love you Mom."

That one precious phrase, spoken in between giggles, made my Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And the award goes to....

Wow. I got an award! It was given to me by my cousin from Boondock Ramblings. I've never been a recipient of one of these before, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to share the love...
Boondock Ramblings, Journeying With St. Ignatius and Northern Outpost were all given this award already, but I must say that they remain my favorites. They all have such different points of view and alternately cause me to laugh, cry and reflect. They are also family and talented to boot!
Fried Okra - I know I'm new to your blog, but you never fail to make me laugh with your oh-so-southern outlook and hilarious dialogue! I have found a fellow blogger who understands what it is to be a southern matter where you may be. (I love that you know how to use words like "forty-leven"!)
Striving for Divine Love - The first thing I noticed about your blog was the plan of Salvation at the top of your page. The only thing I can say about that is...You Go Girl! I've enjoyed cheering you on as you tackle new experiences in your life. You're an inspiration! (Yes, even when your spell check is on the fritz!)
Celtic Knots - A creative, talented American mom to two adorable lasses who lives in Ireland. I connected to you not only through your writing and love of creativity, but because we are going through something similar...our mothers are battling breast cancer. I'm cheering you and your Mom on, Shug!!
Gathering Grace - I came across your blog quite by accident the other day, but have already enjoyed your mix of whimsy, practicality and faith. I'm not even sure if I've commented on your blog, yet...Oops! If I've committed a blogging faux pas, please forgive me!
American Quilter in Ireland - The title says it all...or does it? You not only are a quilting fanatic, but you have a family, run a B&B, help with the farm...and the list probably goes on! I've enjoyed our comments back and forth to one another and look forward to more.
Verry Sherry - Somewhere between the posts about your precious Cutiepie and Babydoll's antics, to your recent posts about the Great Job search of '08, which was laugh out loud funny at times, you've charmed me!
Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes - When I saw the title of your blog, I just had to see it! Your "dispatches from the front line in the Button household" are very funny and I constantly log on to find out what happens in the next episode of "Betty"!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun at the Circus...Our Trip was a Trip

This past Friday, the Bubs and I were able to tag along on a field trip to the Barnum and Bailey Circus. My Dad's first grade team chartered buses for their classes to ride to the event and we were to follow along behind them in my vehicle. I was cool with this, but the Bubs was understandably freaked at the prospect of not riding on the "big bus with my Poppi" even after I had gone to some length to make sure he was suitably entertained on the way...*sigh*

So we get there and after some back and forth between my Dad and me on the cell phones, we find one another and get settled in for the show. And what a show it was! From the clowns and their antics to all of the aerial displays, it was a lot of fun. David covered his eyes during the tiger act and laughed at the clowns. Dad and I even managed to share a few laughs in between his never-ending teacher duties.

Our biggest laugh was over the fact that the one thing most of the kids would probably remember would be when an elephant, ummmm......"did its business" ..... and the elephant behind stepped in it as they were leaving the arena. Oi. Groans and yells of "eww!" erupted and echoed off of the walls for a few seconds before the lights were lowered and the clean up crew came out.

The show had no more ended than the Bubs started begging to ride back on the bus with Poppi. He was going so hard that he didn't hear me remind him that Poppi said he would ride back with us in our car. The fit continued as I tried to maneuver us up the stairs to the lobby area, into the bathroom, out of the bathroom, in the lobby, the parking lot where he almost walked out in front of a truck, and as I was getting him into the carseat. To say I was a little frazzled would be laughable. The Bubs had just had too much and needed some chill out time. Okay, I can do that. He can chill out on the way home with Poppi.

I was thinking this as I was getting myself settled in the car, arranging things so that they were within easy reach while I was driving..........Oh. My. Goodness. WHERE IS MY WALLET???!!!!!!!

I am in full freak out mode as I dump things out in the car and then rush back into the arena with a confused and oddly quiet Bubs in tow. I check where we were sitting with no luck. My Bubs was even helping me look as he trailed behind me down the aisles. We rush back outside and head back to the car to wait for Dad. I see him waving at me from the next parking lot over and I pull the car as close as possible, all the while trying not to hyperventilate and shoving my big sunglasses on to hide my distress. I should have known better, because as soon as he got to the car, I broke down. He searched the car again and then suggested I check out the women's bathroom, which I forgot to search out the first time. Nothing doing. The doors to the arena are now locked. I don't need to tell you that the ride home was interesting...I even took a wrong turn and managed to get us lost- twice. Whether out of self-preservation or pity, Dad took over and drove us home. Thank God.

So I went through the task of shutting off service to various cards and my cell phone as soon as I got to Mom and Dad's house. Hallelujah for understanding customer service reps!! I felt like such an idiot.

The circus was a lot of fun and I'd recommend it to anyone...just without the not-so-fun experience of losing one's wallet and cell phone!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Excuses for Being Slack, etc.

.........So the few, but fabulous, readers that I have have probably noticed that I haven't been very prolific lately. I could take the easy way out and blame it on the Bubs, but that wouldn't be truthful. It was me, all me....and my bad internet connection. It did a bad, bad thing. Every time I would settle down in my comfy office chair, beverage in hand (let's keep that tidbit between us, shall we-the Hubby gets tense when I do this) and my music on low ready to write an entry....nothing. Just the darned internet icon with a red "X" , telling me it wasn't connected and to try again later. Y'all, after the third or fourth time this happened, there was some serious fussin' goin' on! I had to pray and ask forgiveness after....*sigh* Thankfully, Bubs was fast asleep when all of this went down.

For now, I'll be sticking with my laptop (it's new) that seems to be much more sympatico with our wireless connection. Let the blogging continue!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Glimpse

From time to time I'll catch my Mom looking at me with a soft smile on her face and her head tilted to the side. When I ask her what she's smiling at, her grin widens and her dimple flashes as she tells me that I used to do whatever mannerism I'm displaying at the moment when I was little. I just shake my head and smile back at her, a little baffled that she can still see the little girl I was in the woman I am now. I am, however, beginning to have an inkling of what she means when I look at my son....just in reverse.

A few days ago the Bubs and I were getting ready to go somewhere. It was our usual scene with clothes flying every which-a-way, explanations of our day's agenda for the Bubs and intense negotiations about what toys to take. In the midst of all of the mania I happened to glance over my shoulder at the Bubs as he went to his playroom and I headed in the opposite direction to grab something from my room. I smiled at how much he favored his Dad with his belted jeans and blue polo shirt on. Suddenly the image of my little boy shifted and I saw a glimpse of what he'll look like when he gets older. Tall, broad-shouldered with the same mischievious grin and a twinkle in his eye looking so much like his Dad. Oh! My chest went a little tight and my breath caught in my throat. I'm not ready to see my little guy all grown up!

He's already so tall and he speaks like an adult when he cares to which, to me, makes it seem like he's growing up with a rapidity that I wish I could hold back....just a little. I know. I'm just being a selfish momma. Can you blame me?