Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To them it was just a job...

"It's just a job," my husband tells me. He often refuses any acknowledgement of his service in the military. He has stacks of certificates, plaques and commendations that he's earned over the years tucked away in his closet. The only time we see his "stack" of ribbons and medals is when he has to break out the dress blues for a wedding, funeral or inspection. That stack has become considerable.

I've noticed that he's not the only one to eschew any praise or acknowledgements that are offered. Many see their service as "just a job". There's nothing wrong with that. It may be a mindset that helps them cope or see their demanding jobs through. Demanding, by the way, is such a gross understatement. They are asked to give everything and more...sometimes on a daily basis.

Where is my place in all this? I stand, I watch, I support, I love, I forgive and I understand. I stand for him when others may not be able to, I watch out for him when his eyes are focused on others, I support him when he can't hold himself up, I love him for who he is not for who he thinks he should be, I forgive him because the obligations placed on his shoulders aren't his fault, and I understand because that's what he needs, not judgements.

To my Marine~ My love, I may not see every sacrifice you make for our family and others', but I know that they're being made all the same. Thank you.


Joanna said...

Thank your Hubs for all of us. My cousins just left this last week for another tour in the sandbox.

(Claps loudly) For all the military wives! Who's strength and belief in their hubby is what can keep the guys going. I'm telling ya, Sweetie, if you weren't so strong this would be harder on him. He can get r done knowing his woman is taking care of business on the home front.

So go you!

Jonny's Mommy said...

OK. Great. I'm at work and I'm going to cry.

Now you are on my hit list.