Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, it's me, Procrastinator Extraordinaire...hear me groan!

I woke up this morning all excited at the idea of voting later today. I've only voted once before and was looking forward to making my voice heard again. Not to mention, with a Hubby in the military I take the right to vote seriously.....but not seriously enough, apparently.

I started to fish through my wallet for my registration card. A frantic but thorough search turned up nothing. Nada! Suddenly it dawns on me that I don't remember amending my registration card after we moved. *insert groan here* I felt like a complete dolt as I sat there with my demolished wallet and a hand slapped on my forehead.

If you were able to vote today, I'm so proud of ya, Baby! I understand that we had a huge number of new people register to vote....if that was you, don't be like me and let the privelege slide by you from negligence. Keep up with it, and take pride in the right so few people in this world are fortunate enough to have. I sure wish I had!

So, to continue with the cliche theme from yesterday, I shouldn't have "put off 'til tomorrow what coulda been done today".


Joanna said...

Oh ouch, Shug, ouch. ;)

Chris Wood said...

Don't let it get you down. Such things are easily missed.

Besides, you felt the opportunity slip by and it seemed to bite you. Be happy about that! If you didn't care on the other hand ...

Mc Allen said...

yes, and today is a new day...;) LA