Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Changes, Decisions and an Invitation

I love blogging. I really do. Having a blog has allowed new windows to open in my world and new friends to be found.

I've had many evenings, of late, where I've slapped my forehead and said, "I forgot to blog!".

My life has suddenly become quite full. The boys are getting older, I'm taking more leaps with Anna K. Originals, and now *gulp* I'm going back to college.

That's right. This over-thirty momma is going to college!

I'm almost finished with the application process to be accepted into the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Online Digital Design program. It's a one year diploma program and I'm stoked about it, but nervous at the same time. Classes start very soon...

So, here's the thing. For the time being I think I'll be blogging exclusively over at my Anna K. Originals blog. I hope y'all will stop by and visit me....

After all, the welcome mat's always out over there, too!