Saturday, August 29, 2009

A stocking for E-man~

I know. Christmas isn't for several more months, but I couldn't help myself! I saw this blue velvet remnant that was marked down to less than a dollar and just knew that it would make the perfect material for E-man's Christmas stocking. Besides, with all the holiday shenanigans and shindigs that will be going on when December rolls around, I'm not gonna have a single free moment for making a stocking.

I made the rest of our stockings when the Bubs was a baby. I had a moderate amount of scrap fabric and a minimal amount of greenbacks to support any kind of decorating thus our handmade stockings were born (me and sewing machines don't get along). I also painted glass ornaments that year for our tree and to give as gifts. I still have some of those....they were fun to do. Hmmm, maybe I'll do a few for Christmas this year, too.

Anyway, I used remnants and pieces of clothing for this stocking, too (I used a pair of jeans for Hubs and Bubs's). That blue and brown plaid is from a dress that I wore when the Hubs and I were dating. Those buttons are some from a collection that I have from my great-grandmother's alteration business. I love reusing things and including items that have a bit of history attached.

You've prob'ly noticed that the stocking is minus the more traditional Christmas colors of red and green. What can I say? When I saw that dark blue fabric, thoughts of red and green flew out the window! It just looks like the E-man to me.

So, yes, I've started my Christmas projects a bit early - well, early to me - but I couldn't resist. I've got a few more things left to do on the E-man's stocking, yet. It needs a hanger ribbon, his name and maybe something decorative on the body of the it. I don't know, I'll prob'ly make it up as I go along....Like I usually do!



you crafty momma! i love to buy stockings too (note the word BUY) and i have the same stocking my mom bought for me when i was a baby and my son gets so mad that i won't buy him a new one every year but i tell him i bought him that stocking when he was a little nugget and that is the only one he is ever going to have. unless the stupid dog gets ahold of it someday.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

WOW - crafty and way ahead of schedule. I made our stockings years ago, but more out of boredom than anything else.
Speaking from the Crib sent me over here to check you out.

Young Wife said...

It's never too early for Christmas projects! The stocking is adorable.