Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Separation Anxiety...not just for tots.

The Hubs has left for his round of tests. I'm already missing him.

We're both glad that, after so many reschedulings, the appointments are finally going through but I find myself pining for him.

I actually found myself standing in the hall outside our bedroom a few moments ago, just staring at the wall and wondering what to do now that the boys are asleep and I'm alone.

Should I paint?

Edit some of my photogs online?

Read my J.D. Robb mystery or play the new Batman game on the X Box?

Simply go to bed or watch t.v.?

I have all those things to choose from (including some chores, but I'm turning a blind eye for the mo') and what did I find myself doing? Staring at a wall while pining for my Hubs.

What can I say? Despite how we may sometimes irk one another, he's my best friend and I miss him when the man ain't here.


Joanna said...

I just snotted myself reading this. Like I've said - you're one strong lady. There have been a few times when my Hubby is out of town and I HATE it.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

We're thinking of you hon'. Hang in there.

I know when Hubby is gone to work at night even I miss him so I can't imagine how it is for you right now. I hope they find something out and soon!

BTW, showed Aunt D. photos from your blog the other day and she read some of your posts. She was delighted to catch up and see the boys growing. There was a lot of "Oh!" and "Aw!" and "Oh my, he's getting so big! My boy!"

Kaye Butler said...


Yeah, I'm talking to you, the one reading that J.D. Robb book or possibly playing the new batman game...

You are only allowed to call me crazy funny IF you read my totally boring blog. Boring cause there is nothing going on exciting right now and LEAVE a comment. (referring to comment left on Bugs In My Teeth!)

Since there is nothing earth shattering going on, read some of my old ones I have listed to the left.

Shameless...it's almost like I'm beggin you to read my blog...

BTW love your layout and your blog.


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