Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures, first grade and mommyhood...

What is it about looking through past pictures that makes one go all sentimental? *sigh*

That's a picture of him from a couple years ago.

The Bubs is starting 1st grade next week. Wasn't it last week that we were snapping off pictures at his kindergarten celebration? Oy!

The summertime boredom bug has fully sink it's teeth into the Bubs's tushy. Between the E-man cutting teeth and needing extra cuddling and the torrential thunderstorms, our outdoor time has been limited. I've gotta remedy that pronto before we both go a little batty!

With our venture into first grade around the corner, the uniforms have been bought and the school supplies purchased and set aside, ready to be put to use. I know he's ready to go back and he's excited about the new routines and new friends, but I can't help but wish that time would slow down for just a little while. That's mommyhood for you...we delight in watching them discover new things and discover themselves, yet we want to hold back the hands of time, too.


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That is NOT our little, D!

No way! Look at him! First grade or graduating? Oy!

I feel woozy from the shock of it all!

He's adorable!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

No! He's handsome! Our little guy!


no birthday bothered my more than my son's 7th bday. for some reason it seemed so much OLDER than all of the others. i was very sad the day after. it was as if i realized he was going to slowly keep moving upward and onward and i (along with his childhood) would someday be left behind. i want to stomp MY FEET and say STOP IT! STOP GROWING RIGHT NOW! but it won't work! they keep on keeping on!