Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Traditionally non-traditional anniversaries

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary.

Traditionally, our anniversaries tend to be, well, not traditional.

There have been a few years where the Hubs was on the other side of the globe, others when the money was tight, and even one year when the mother-in-law was visiting...and sleeping just down the hall from us. Fun times, those.

This year seems to be following the trend of non-traditionalism. We, thanks to Dad, managed to get down to the local movie theater to see a movie we'd been trying to get to for weeks. Some of you may be horrified that we spent our anniversary at a movie theater but that's what we both wanted (and were able) to do.

We had fun and were ridiculously giddy over the fact that we didn't have to unload two kids, carseat, diaper bag and stroller from the car every time we turned around. It doesn't take much for us, does it?

I don't need a big "to-do" to know that I love the Hubs. I have other things - the boys, shared laughter, holding hands, flirting (yes, we still flirt), support when times get tough, understanding when the world seems to be a mess.....

And if those things aren't enough, I can always run up behind him and pinch his booty.

That's right, I said pinch his booty! I may get to be an old lady, but I'll still appreciate the fine line of that behind.

Like I said, not traditional.


Joanna said...

LOVE IT!! So what did you see? And I'm right there with ya. We did that a lot dating and I miss seeing movies. Really stinks when the kids want to come along.

Happy Anniversary!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Congrats! Glad mom remembered to call you because I totally didn't. I knew it was your anniversary, but I did not forget.

One is never too old to notice the booty, dear.

Mom still says "Doesn't your dad look great in those jeans?"

I usually say " am not looking at dad in those jeans. Thank you."

Anonymous said...

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