Monday, August 3, 2009

Mania, Repairs & Possibilities

Whew! What a week last week turned out to be! Between our usual kid mania and getting the ball rolling on our floor re-pair/kitchen re-do, this is the first chance I've had to jump on here.

A little while back, our furnace unit leaked all over our floor and we didn't catch it until it had done a good deal of damage. We had an insurance adjuster out lickety-split and now the repairs are underway.
I emailed a friend about all of the goings on and I told her that I felt relieved that the repairs were happening despite the mess and disruption. I also told her to remind me I said that when the mess is messier and the disruptions are, well, more disruptive.

All this is a precurser to our kitchen being redone (hallelujah!!) and maybe, just maybe...drumroll please....a small studio for me.

The Hubs may be a touch more excited about it than I am (believe it or not). If I had a place to put all my art stuff, I may just quit leaving a trail of it around the house. Or not, but it sounds like a great justifying statement, don't it? You bet!

Anyway, this is the potential studio. Stop snickering. Yes, that is an honest-to-goodness hot tub from the 70's. The Hubs has an odd affection for the thing, but he and I both agree that it's getting the axe (or sledgehammer?) soon.

We nail down the details of the rest of the work with the contractor tomorrow. In other words, we'll find out how far the money will take us. For now, the small room that I'm grandly calling a studio, is just a possibility. We'll find out the reality tomorrow. A girl can still dream, though.......


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That thing is totally scary. Seriously..have you used that hot tub? And does the Hubs put on a porn-star mustache when you do? Oh wow. That has got to go. . . just who lived in your house before you? No. Don't tell me. I don't want to know.

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