Monday, August 17, 2009

Cheetos Sugar

The Bubs and I have a long standing tradition of naming his sugar by flavor. And by sugar, I mean that sweetness that a mommy can only get by tickling or kissing.

I guess it stems from when my Mom would ask me, "Do you feel like a grape or a marshmallow today?" She'd then proceed to decide which it was by getting our sugar....and lots of it.

The Bubs has all kinds of sugar. For instance, there's marshmallow on his tummy and peppermint on his back which, of course, mixes into a peppermint marshmallow on his sides. It's good sugar, y'all!

The Cheetos flavored variety are located under his neck. Being the cleverly funny boy that he is, he started telling me that the Cheetos factory was closed for the day and I couldn't have any more sugar. Ha! I told him that I had the master mommy key and could get in anyway! Big laughs ensued.

Several years later he's discovered the gross-out factor. Now he just tells me, in the most adorably serious manner, that I can't have his sugar because his Cheetos are, "old, rotten and hairy".

He just looks at me funny when I end up practically rolling on the floor laughing.


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I've never heard of anything like that! So funny!

I'll have to see what kind of sugar Jonathan has going on! :-)


i always tell my kids i am gonna 'steal their sugar' and they know i am holding them down and kiss them until they beg for mercy. well, my baby just starts whining. no words to express her misery yet! you visited my little blog yesterday SPEAKING FROM THE CRIB and i wanted to return the favor. you hopped over from sandy toes. i appreciate you taking the time to have a look!