Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where'd the week go?

Whoa, nelly. What a week!

The Bubs started first grade. We're getting back in the groove with some old routines and breakin' in some new ones. He's slid back into the school shindig pretty well so far and I'm relieved.

Pay no attention to the goofy expression on his face over there. *sigh* I was trying to snap a pic before we headed out the door and this is what he gave me. My silly boy.

E-man has cut his first tooth and is well on his way to a second. He's been shoving everything he can get his little hands on into his mouth to gnaw on.

Hubs even let him chew on one of his old Playstation controllers. That's love right there people. The man tore apart a controller for the E-man's teething mania.

As for our weekend, let's hope that Danny (tropical storm) doesn't wreck our time off...or anything else for that matter!


Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

I'm sure there has to be something better than a controller to chew on! :-)

Maybe a wet washcloth, though Jonathan never liked them!

Love the photos and seeing them grow!


this week went right out the window like every other week! man, the older i get THE QUICKER IT GOES! i'm gonna look up and be dead!