Friday, April 4, 2008

So I'm not Hallmark, y'all....

Mom's in the hospital again. She has a bacterial infection that she was unable to fight off as a result of a chemo-ravaged immune system. I wanted to make her something to cheer her up.

Aha! A get well card!

So I hop on the computer and start looking up different quotes to include in a card.....nothing's really striking my fancy. I wanted to do something funny and Mom has an offbeat sense of humor. I begin to peruse humorous quotes and happened upon one by that well-known and prolific author, "Unknown". In a flurry of patterned paper, glue, pens and chalk color pads, this is what I came up with:

NO, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. It does say, "Love is like a booger..." I told you that I wanted it to be goofy!

The inside says, " keep picking at it until you get it, then you wonder what to do with it." I signed it from me and the Bubs, her two boogers. I wanted to give her a laugh and she got one. The quote may have been off the wall and the picture a little silly, but I'll gladly play the goofy fool if it will bring Mom some joy in the midst of her pain and battle to get well.

I think the process of making this for Mom was therapeutic for me as well. It helped to counteract the feeling of helplessness that tries to creep in and overwhelm me when my defenses are down after watching what she's going through. I also think that it gives someone a bit of power when they can laugh in spite of their pain and I wanted to give her the opportunity to do that. Because she was so often the one to do that for me when I was a little girl having to go through various surgeries and endless doctor's appointments. (I had bladder issues -no pun intended...I think- and endless ear infections)

So if you know someone who is going through a rough time, I would encourage you to give them the gift of laughter. It does good like a medicine.



Joanna said...

Hehehe - that's cute. Friends are like boogers too - you have to pick them. :)
I truly believe that laughter is medicine. So sorry you're going through all that with your mom. No fun feeling helpless. It's like watching someone drown and you can't do anything about it. Hang on to the humor.

Anonymous said...

What fun! You are so right about laughter . . . after the years I have spent in medicine, I can say with certainty that while people who can laugh get sick, they do seem to get better a whole lot faster than those who see the glass as half-empty!

Anonymous said...

I love it! I think it is hilarious and I know your mom loved it!

Listen, I'm praying for your mom and for you. I know you are under a lot of pressure with her being sick and hubby being gone right now.

You're a tough girl, but that doesn't mean you have to be tough, if you know what I mean. It's OK to have some break downs and if you need to do it with me then give me a call OK?

Anna K. said...

joanna- Ha! I like your variation on the booger theme (there's a phrase I don't use everyday...thankfully)!

driving with the brakes on- I have nurses throughout both sides of my family and they say the same thing - that laughter and a positive outlook is a big part of recovery.

boondockramblings- She did love it! It did my heart good to watch her throw back her head and laugh. Thanks for your prayers, Shug. They are much-needed and appreciated!

Tough? Wow. I sooo don't think that about myself- thank you. Never before have I ever felt the full meaning of allowing God to be my source. Realizing that I can't do it alone, surrendering control, accepting Grace, and moving forward with the knowledge that there will never be a step in my life (or Mom's) that He hasn't walked before's a big process. But a very neccessary one. To God be the Glory!

Anonymous said...

What a precious post. And the card was beautiful, even with the word "booger" on it. :) If you have boys, you live with it, I know.

You are quite the card maker! I'm VERY impressed. My cards always come out looking rather childish, not half so lovely as yours. And I'm sure it takes me twice as long, too.

I hope your mom is feeling better now. It's so very hard to feel the helplessness. But what a good position spiritually speaking, to be reminded of our need, to be on our backs looking UP at Something (Someone) bigger than ourselves.

I'll pray for you and your mom tonight.

Grace and peace,

Verry Sherry said...

Hope she's feeling well. Nice card!

Anna K. said...

Jennifer- Mom is doing a bit better and, were she feeling energetic ehough, would be climbing the walls in an attempt to get home! I can't blame her.

I've enjoyed card making for a while now. It's a relatively quick project that, for me, yields the best return when I give them away- a smile!

verry sherry- Thanks for the compliment and the well-wishes!!