Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just Kidding

Have you ever tried to talk to someone that was so indecisive they couldn't say anything outright? I've met quite a few people in my life that use the phrase, "just kidding" so frequently that you never know quite what they're trying to tell you. I found the SNL widget that you see on my sidebar (sorry it didn't fit) and I couldn't resist! ~It's the middle video with Judy Grimes.

Author's Note- And before you think I'm being snarky and judgemental I will fully admit to using the "just kidding" ploy, too. Although after watching this, I may never ever use it again....just kidding!

Peace Y'all!
Anna K.


Verry Sherry said...

oh, we all know a few people like that. Wondering, how much of that do I do?
have a good day.

Joanna said...

Have you seen where same atress does the one where she's done everything better? The Target clip is the one that gets stuck in my head.