Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crafty Kinda Day

I've been avoiding my craft closet. It's noticed. Like most relationships that are just beginning, I lavished attention on it right after we first moved in a couple years ago. I spent time making sure I organized all of my tools and supplies so that I could easily access them and I even enlisted my hubby to help me install some free-standing shelving. In recent months I've avoided it with a passion. It moans at me as I walk by the guest room where it's located, telling me to clean it out. The term "tlc" was bandied about quite a bit, as in it was in desperate need of some. *SIGH* So I finally bit the bullet today and tackled the task of paring down my junk. Granted, I wasn't able to spend more than 20 minutes or so on it, but I still managed to sort out a trunkful to take to a local charity second-hand store. I feel better about the whole relationship and am more than ready to give it another go. Now I just have to decide what I most want to keep....Uh-oh! I'm tellin' you, that ain't gonna be easy!

So what do I do after I get rid of stuff I was never going to use? I come across another crafty thing to get interested in, of course! My thanks to Verry Sherry who shared this cute idea that she found on another blog. I may have seen this somewhere before a long time ago, but it's nifty all the same. It's a box that you can make using paper and nothing else. That's right, no glue or tape neccessary! Just some folding and four snips with a pair of scissors was all it took. I had so much fun making the first one, I made another larger one. I had each done in no time flat - and not one sign of angry mumbling or lip-biting. This is a miracle for me, y'all. The first one I made from paper and the second from card stock. For gift-giving, I think I'd prefer the card stock. I had to run a straight edge over every fold to get it flat enough, but the stability of the paper is worth the tiny bit of extra effort. I like the versatility of this project. With different paper or some embellishements, this could be tailored to fit any occasion or personality. This would also be a great way to recycle materials like Verry Sherry in her Irish version. So what do you do when you have a crafty kinda day?

Peace, Y'all!

Anna K.


Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Those boxes look really fun -- I need to try them. Sorry about your mom -- I chuckled at the cute card you made her. You're so clever -- I'm glad your cheered her up!

Anonymous said...

Those boxes do look like fun!

Of course, I think I would lack the patience to do it right.

You're much more crafty than I am.

But my scrapbook supplies look very similar to your craft supplies.

Good luck organizing!

Verry Sherry said...

ah ha! see some things are addictive. Oh, if only I could be home and not at work right now! I'd be crafting away...I think.
Love the colors!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the box.thanks for the pic.

Joanna said...

Those are cute! I think my craftiness is hiding because I've had no motivation.