Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It started out as a Wordless Wednesday entry and then......

The Bubs is sportin' a new haircut these days and he is so very, very cute. The change was so drastic that the expression you see on my Dad's face above is pretty much the one everyone was wearing when they caught a glimpse of the new do!
This was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday kinda thing (albeit a late one), but I just can't help blabbing about my Bubs, y'all!
** Update on Mom......Still in hospital. Due to have surgery tomorrow to investigate complications with her port and the possible removal of it...they can't figure out why her fever spikes every time it's accessed. Had a bad bout of chills earlier this evening while we were there. By the time Dad was on his way home later this evening, she was in bed wrapped up in blankets trying to get some much-needed rest. We are all deeply grateful for your support and prayers! Please, please keep it coming!!
Peace, Y'all
Anna K.


Kimberley said...

Too cute! I'm praying for your mom and your family. Blessings, grace, and peace!

Jonny's Mommy said...

I love it. He looks adorable!

Just got an update on your mom awhile ago. Am still praying.

Luv ya'

Joanna said...

How old is he?? Looks very mature - cute!