Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Greening Up My Act

Seems like the new hip thing is "going green". That's a good thing. But with so many conflicting reports about what it means to truly be green, my head feels like it's gonna explode! I want to be more aware and responsible about my family's impact on the environment, but I also want solutions that are easy to maintain when we're all runnin' around like maniacs. I know, I want to have my cake and eat it, too! But what's the point of trying to make a change if it's not going to last?

I recently bought some reusable shopping bags from one of my fave places to shop - Target (pronounced Tah-shay around here ;0) ). They come in different sizes to accomodate just about any size shopping trip. There's even one that collapses down to the size of a wallet so you can toss it in your purse and go. If I'm able to keep up with these in the next month or so, I think I'll start using reusable bags for as many of my shopping runs as I can. I used them for the first time the other day and it was a relief not to have to round up all of those aggravating plastic bags and shove them into my pantry!

Earth Day also seems to inspire people to get outside, sling some dirt and plant things. Dad, who's a 1st grade teacher, joined together with other classes to plant a container garden today. Over the weekend he and the Bubs planted a small veggie garden to tend to over the summer. They both had a blast getting dirty and the Bubs was even allowed to be in charge of the water hose. This is HUGE for him!

So what does Earth Day inspire you to do? Do you have any green advice or tips for me? If so, share the green love, Shug!
Peace, Y'all!
Anna K.
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Joanna said...

We re-use a lot of Wal-Mart bags the rest we take back to recycle. We switched over to those lightbulbs that I can't think of what they are called. I like them and our electric bill was lower. Yeah buddy!

Sissy said...

You know, I totally blanked on Earth Day this year. It just slipped right past me, and if two bloggers hadn't mentioned it, I would have not even known about it.

I hope the reusable bags are a success. You should post in a month about your progress!