Saturday, October 4, 2008

If you have the urge to gag, I understand....

I normally hate to cause anyone to gag, but you may feel that way by the end of this post. Calm down, it's not what you think! I don't have another gross prego story. Nope, I'm just gonna brag unashamedly on my son.

Even though the Bubs is getting a crash course in group socialization since he's never really been exposed to a classroom environment for any significant length of time he, according to his teacher, is doing very well academically. Yay, Bubs!! *mom and dad doing a happy dance*

After school yesterday his teacher let me and my Dad, who also teaches there, know how successful the Bubs was on his initial assessments. He knew quite a few *high frequency words, all of his color and number words.....and then, after asking the Bubs to cover his ears, she quietly told us that he was the only one in the class to know any of it! This is great for a kindergartener! These are some of the main things a child should know at the end of their kindergarten year. I mean, we'd worked at home with these things and tried to read with him everyday, but I don't think the Hubs and I were fully aware of how much the Bubs was retaining.

Speaking of the Hubs, his smile was a mile wide when I gave him the good news from the teacher! He is deeply pleased that his Bubs is not only doing so well in school but honestly seems to be enjoying the whole experience. I don't think school was a fabulous experience for Hubs, so I think that he's relieved when I show him classwork or relay good reports about Bubs. The first thing he wanted to know after hearing about his son's achievements yesterday was how can we keep it going and encourage him to reach even higher heights. Yep, I got a good man here!

So I'm sorry for the gag- er, I mean brag-fest, but I just had to. Our precious little boy had a wonderful success and I wanted to share it with the world.....or at least the lovely part of the world that reads this little blog!

*High frequency words are the words that appear most often in printed materials.


Jonny's Mommy said...

Gag me...who cares?! :-)

I'm kidding!

That's what is fun about blogs! We can brag all we want. I think this is awesome!

Please, though...the whole family knew how bright that kid was from the beginning. Trust me, mom and dad told me that all the time..."David did this," and "David did that..." when they came home from a visit. You would have thought he was their grandson! They still brag about him, even with their own little grandson to tote around!

Joanna said...

Way to go Bubs! Brag on sista.

Anna K. said...

j's mommy~ I know, I'm shameless! Whenever we see your parentals, they go on and on about lil' J. It would be disgusting but they're just so darned cute!

Jo~ Amen, Baby.