Saturday, October 25, 2008

What?! Well, dang. These fit last week!

Today I'm 16 weeks pregnant and today was my first day in maternity clothes. Well, the pants anyway. Even though the pair I wore were comfy, I was in shock at how quickly I needed them. Ever since we found out that I'm further along than I thought -almost a month further- it feels like someone has hit the fast-forward button. I'm not complaining one bit, I just have to catch up!

I've been so concerned with getting the Bubs into clothes and school uniforms that fit him after his latest growth spurt that I completely put off getting maternity clothes...I know, I know. How silly of me, right? The only reason I have the one pair of pants that I wore today is because Mom spotted some decently sized items on clearance at the JCPenney website and I was able to get them. So now the baby is pokin' out and I need to get some things that

I've been price-shopping different stores online (the brick and mortar variety don't carry a lot of plus-size maternity clothes) and have actually managed to find a few things that might work. I just need a few basics at the moment. My going to church clothes will just have to be unusually casual for a while. With the Bubs's b'day, Christmas and a possible move in the near future I have to be mindful of what we spend on extras. For right now all I want is a pair of knit pants and a nice shirt, something C.O.M.F.Y.!

Other than a rapidly expanding waistline, this pregnancy continues to be nothin' like my first one. For a while there, I was always faintly nauseous but would only worship the porcelain god occasionally. With the first pregnancy, I felt like I was always hanging over a toilet or trash can -even at work. The last few weeks, hot flashes have been coming on more frequently and out of nowhere. Even when I'm sitting down, all of a sudden I'll break out into a full sweat. Gotta love all these hormones runnin' amuck! Is that how to spell "amuck", by the way? I have not a clue....


VerrySherry said...

oh, the joys of pregnancy. The quick 'extra' month along is bound to help when you get to the 7-8 months, just remember, you could be going for ANOTHER month. but you're not! take care of yourself!

Lorina said...

I hated fitting into my maternity so soon.. not fair! I had the friends that didn't even show until 8 months and left after in their pre preggo pants after having the kid.. sigh.

I am baby hungry.. darnit.

Joanna said...

Go for comfy! No clue about amuck but we'll run with that version, m'kay?