Thursday, October 23, 2008

More to November than Election Day, Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving

Take a quick gander at my left sidebar......notice anything different? I've added a list of important and sometimes silly dates to remember in November (heh, I'm a poet and don't know it!).

Anyway, the spark of inspiration struck as I was flipping through a magazine and noticed a few whacky dates on one of the front pages like Button Day and National Egg Nog Day. I know you'll be shocked to know that I lost focus and started to wonder what other odd holidays were on the books. A quick Google search and I had me some results.

Some of the dates weren't that odd, but they caught my eye all the same. The Family Literacy Day and Parents as Teachers Day were among the first to catch my eye. Then I started cracking up when I saw that Use Your Common Sense Day and Election Day both fall on the same day! I mean, c'mon. That's funny right there. The Men Cook Dinner Day caught my eye, as well. I'm sooo going to try and celebrate that holiday....and calling for take out will not count!

Now, I have to remember to keep up with the monthly list but I had so much fun looking at this month's list that that may not be a prob....I think. Which days catch your eye?

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Mc Allen said...

the men making dinner day fo sho... Butttttt now as I consider it, I think I'll just stick to the plan (unles he can just grill, hehehe) That common sense day and election day made me chuckle!!! I'm gonna go check em out all out, thanks!!... L A