Saturday, October 18, 2008

Christmas List Harrassment Season....No permits required.

I know it's only October, but at my house Christmas List Harrassment Season is in full swing! Bubs has been giving me not-so-gentle hints about what he wants for Christmas and his birthday (they're really close together). I keep finding different toy mailers around the house conveniently left open to the Thomas the Tank Engine section. The child is only five, y'all. Can you just imagine what it's gonna be like in the years to come? The kid is so smart, I fully expect to get a detailed list via email next year. His determination to find the perfect gifts is such that, even though he's under the weather with a fever this weekend, he's still been lying back on the couch perusing the different toy catalogues. I'm allowing myself to justify it by telling myself he's learning to read for informational purposes. *sigh* Whatever works, right?

With money things the way they are right now, I'm feelin' just a wee bit pressured to make everything happen for him this year. He's got his birthday party built up so much in his mind that I can't even hope to meet his expectations. One thing I'm sure of, however, is that if I'll just do something with his class at school I'll be set. He's been telling them about his birthday for months, if you can believe it! As far as him wanting more Thomas toys, the child has a big playroom filled to capacity with them. I'm not exaggerating, folks, he's loaded down with them. How did that happen, you ask? What can I say except that he has many loving releatives who know about his obsession with Thomas and gleefully feed his habit...his Dad and I included. So, the Bubs may not be getting any this year.....weeeeelllllll, maybe just one.

I've usually already got some of my shopping done by this time of year or have at least laid a little money by for everything. Not so, this year. Yep, I've been a distracted slacker this year. What with the Hubs constantly being out of the state (and the military charging him for the stay), the Bubs being sick so often, a possible cross-country move, my being pregnant and a freakin' partridge in a pear tree....well, there's a lot goin' on at my house.

So may the Christmas List making begin and the gifts all be 50% off....or more!


Joanna said...

Oh I hear you. The Things b-day is coming up. Long ago we had a mutation of Rescue Heros. Now it's bionicles and legos. My feet curses their very presence.

Mc Allen said...

hey, I'm Leah and I just found you at sits!!wonderful blog and the christmas thing is pretty similar here. we have 4 girls and they are already making their lists and checkin em twice.. Ugh.... Where do you live, in NC? (I see pics of piers and beach!!) really beautiful! well, I will be back to check you out again soon, and feel free to pop over and say hi ....L A

Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh I am so glad that my little guy can't do this yet! Yikes! But the Bubs sure does crack me up!

What a character.

Do the best you can for his birthday and for Christmas. You can only do what you can do and he needs to realize that. I'm sure you'll be able to "spoil" him just enough.

(P.S. If you ever need to get rid of some of those trains send 'em our way! :-))