Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby's first picture and due date news~

Yep, that's the first picture ever of our little Sweet Pea! Blurry though it may be, I've been showin' it off like it's a fancy portrait from a studio. On the left is a side view of the head and toward the right is its lil' tushy. The dotted line is where the doc had to do a crown to rump measurement to confirm my due date. The doc and her assisting med student got a kick out of trying to get this picture. Our Sweet Pea rolled, tumbled, hiccupped and practiced taekwondo on my bladder before finally settling down on its side and sucking its thumb. I could have layed there in all my inelegant dishabille and watched that child for another hour or two! I'm just sayin' is all.....

Anyway, the crown to rump measurement along with a physical exam revealed that I'm 4 weeks further along than we thought! My due date's been bumped up to early April instead of May. ~Note to self: Correct my baby ticker that's on my left sidebar.~ I think that puts me around 3 1/2 months along. I had been feeling the tiniest flutters, but I thought that was just wishful thinking.....or gas. From the way that child was movin' and groovin' yesterday, it's no wonder I had been feeling a tiny flutter every now and then!

To answer the question that I think most of you are yelling at your, I didn't find out if it's a boy or a girl. However, I didn't notice any dangly boy bits. We'll just all have to wait and see what my next sonogram shows. The Hubs is downright certain that it's a girl because my pregnancy is so different from the Bubs's but won't be disappointed if it turns out to be another little boy. He just wants it to be healthy and I feel the same way.

Speaking of the Hubs, I was glad that he got to hear about the baby's antics and see the picture before he had to leave for another exercise. When I showed the picture to the Bubs, he didn't know how to react. I got a very quiet "uh-huh" and a sideways smile. *chuckles* In a way, he was almost embarrassed. He doesn't know what to think about the fact that the baby is in my tummy. That's okay, though. Maybe it will make more sense to him when my belly starts to get bigger. And won't that be fun? I can hear him right now, giggling over how big my tummy is! Oy.


Jonny's Mommy said...

I just got all weepy here.. and jealous. Hmmmm...very jealous. But oh so excited! Must run to phone and tell mom to log on and check it out.

Yipee! So excited for you! Another baby in the family and a whole month earlier than we expected!

Lisa said...

Congrats to you on the new baby! Aren't they just little miracles?!?

Joanna said...

Awww! Have you starting picking out names or is that top secret?

Anna K. said...

j's mommy~ Jealous? Why in the world? I was shocked about the due date news...I know this 'cause I asked the doc to be sure so many times, she laughed and said that I must be in shock. Go figure!

lisa~ They are, indeed, miracles! I was hit over the head with that fact as I lay there yesterday watching the baby's perfect and tiny fingers, toes and ears on the screen.

jo~ You bet your sweet derriere, we have a name picked out! But, alas, I can't share it with y'all yet. Once we know if it's a boy or girl, I'll dish, Babe!

Heather said...

I LOVE ultrasound pictures!! Isn't it amazing how active they are?