Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Ma'am step away from the Swiffer mop...."

The Hubs will be home in a few days. Yippee! Finally some conversation that isn't in a text message and lasts longer than a two minute phone call. And, you know there are other delightful perks to the man being home, but I'm not going into detail since this is a family, blog. Anyway, he's coming home and we're all aflutter about that.

So here I am, once again, trying to catch up on my cleaning to-do list before he gets home. This is turning out to be quite a pattern with me and, to be honest, will prob'ly continue to be so for a while. I don't wanna get a few things done because I'm worried about what he'll think -he knows how crazy things have been around here with the Bubs being so sick- but because I'm looking forward to spending time with him and the Bubs. I'm not in the mood to be chained to a sink, washer, or a Swiffer product during the entire weekend. Heck, I'd be tickled pink if the Bubs were to simply have a weekend where he wasn't sick as a dog!

I'm saying all of this to say.........Wait a minute! Why am I sayin' all this?! I don't have time to sit and "chat" (although I reeeeaaaalllly like to chat with y'all), I have chores to do! Now where did I put that broom......

**Update~ We've been sidelined by another earache. I was so hopeful that the Bubs would be able to get rid of his runny nose in time to bypass another ear infection. Poor guy. I'd take it on myself if I could...I may have already done that to an extent. I'm not feelin' so peachy right now, either. Oy! Anybody know things to do for a cold while pregnant...other than curling in a fetal position and beggin' for Momma?


Joanna said...

Yeah for the return of the Hubs! Of course you want to spend time with him and hello? how do you think you got preggo? :D (bad me)

Maybe Hubs will take care of you. Try some chicken noodle soup especially if someone else made it. Best meal is the one you didn't cook!

Hope you feel better soon!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Hello...who needed to hear that sweetheart?! :-)

I agree with Joanna...funny how you got preggars right after he got back huh? :-)

Well, he's a good lookin' man, I suppose (someone women would say. I mean I wouldn't because he is the husband of my cousin, but you know what I mean) so how could you resist?!