Monday, September 29, 2008

I've been tagged by Pokey

I've been tagged by the ever-so-lovely Kimberly from Hokey Pokey Life. Funnily enough, some of the random/weird facts that she listed for herself were very similar to what I probably would have written for myself. I'll have to rattle around in the ole noggin to find something goes nothin'!

1) I have ADD when it comes to cleaning my house. I start doing one thing and then somehow end up working on something totally different. I don't techinically have ADD, I just - Oh, look! A butterfly!

2) Since becoming pregnant, Sierra Mist is my best friend. I tell her all my deepest secrets and look forward to seeing her after a long day.......okay maybe not, but there are times where it's the only thing I can handle after a bout of "morning, noon and night" sickness.

3) I am that girl who laughs at inappropriate moments/things when the room is otherwise deathly quiet, sneezes when there ain't a tissue within a 20 mile radius, and also falls spectacularly off of treadmills in a crowded gym. When I embarrass myself it's a go big or go home kinda thang! (On a side note~ My aversion to treadmills is so strong that I even refused to use one during my physical therapy last year. When I told them why, they snickered.)

4) I have two very talented parents. Even after almost thirty years, it still makes me uncomfortable when people bluntly ask if I'm as talented as they are. I mean, what would they do if I responded that , no, I have no discernible talents whatsoever and am as dumb as a stump? Of course, I don't do this but it's mighty temptin'! I need to come up with a more diplomatic way of responding that doesn't embarrass me or the person asking....Hmmmmmm....

5) I'm not good at coming up with diplomatic responses.

6) I absolutely love to make my Hubby laugh. I may not be alone in this, but it's true. I like making people laugh in general, but seeing my Hubby smile or laugh with me over some bit of ridiculousness is bliss!

7) I am always the one who, in a crowded restaurant, manages to get the seat facing the elderly gentleman who, after picking his nose, proceeds to hold up the loaded digit to the light and, um, inspect it. Yep, some people have all the luck!

Well, there you have it. Seven random and/or weird facts about myself. You have my sympathies! I'm not tagging anyone else as I always feel guilty that maybe the person is having a rough week and doesn't have time or....well, you get the idea.


Jonny's Mommy said...

Waaaahaaaaa! I am the same type of person with the tissue issue and I also seem to have problems with getting distracted easily -- oh...look...the DOW dropped like 100 points. Where was I?

Kellan said...

These were all fun/funny things! I loved this, "I don't techinically have ADD, I just - Oh, look! A butterfly!" - still giggling!

Have a good week - Kellan

Joanna said...

1, 4, and 6 - right there with you.

I'm just weird so no need to list it - I just own it. :)

Anna K. said...

j's mommy~ I like the phrase, "tissue issue" and the fact that we are easily distracted- Totally genetic!

kellan~ Welcome, Shug! Glad to pass along a giggle.

jo~ Yep, you came to mind when I was typing a couple of those!

Joanna said...

Left you something on my blog.