Monday, February 2, 2009 doesn't bother me, Y'all!

I know that there may be those of you who are glad that football season is over. No more shows about stats and replays of the previous days games. No more football lingo being slung around...things like, "tight end, pass/reception ratio, third down conversions", etc.

At my house it's a different story. The Hubby and I both like to watch football and, as Steelers fans, are totally stoked that they won their 6th Super Bowl title which is the most in the league! We love to watch Roethlisberger scramble in the pocket and evade tackle after tackle, Hines Ward grin his way through a game, Heath Miller, Willie Parker and Santonio Holmes all make dynamic plays and then there's my favorite - Troy Polamalu. Man that guy knows how to read a play and hustle!

Now, I grew up watching the occasional game but I wasn't particularly interested in the sport as a whole. When the Hubs and I met he slowly but surely got, not only me, but my Mom into watching the games. He didn't mind all of our questions or inane comments (still doesn't), or the fact that we'd talk at all which I know some men hate during games. I think his patience went a long way to me being more receptive to him watching the games and to me joining in with him. Now, we have something else to talk about and he feels more comfortable in his own home. He's even been introducing the Bubs to the sport and invites him to come hang with him during the games. Invites, not forces. If the Bubs isn't in the mood, the Hubs doesn't push the issue. The last few weeks, though, the Bubs has enjoyed hanging out with me and his daddy while we watch football....even if he looses interest after a while and just plays with his trains on the floor. We're together and that's the whole point.

Last night, we had our own little Super Bowl party here at the house. We chowed down on apple and Snicker salad, bacon wrapped Lil' Smokies baked in a little brown sugar, veggies and dip, the usual chips and salsa, and for the Bubs some pepperoni and cheese with Ritz crackers. The Hubby thought that I shouldn't have gone through the trouble but he complimented me the whole evening and we all enjoyed the festivities.

Hmmmm. Speaking of those goodies, I think there are some leftovers and I'm having a craving. Gotta go!!


Jonny's Mommy said...

Sounds like an awesome time! Sounds great actually. Hubby had to work, so it was just a cranky baby and I (he needed to go to bed and just didn't want to give up the fight) and I only saw part of the game. Congrats on the Steelers win.

Joanna said...

We were all hooping when #92 ran the full length of the field for the TD.