Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Student of the Month

Yep, that's our Bubs recieving an award from our school's principal for being the Student of the Month for his class. Every month, the chosen students and their families are invited to a breakfast to celebrate their achievement. Can you feel how delighted his dad and I are from where you are?
Every teacher wrote a short notation on each award about why the student was chosen. The Bub's teacher said that he has a very kind and generous heart, is positive, and is always willing to help someone else in need. It did my mommy heart good to hear those things and was wonderful for the Bubs to see that good character is something worth displaying.
His dad and I have always believed that he should be prepared academically and taught/shown good character traits. In today's world, we feel that both are equally important for his success. Both of those elements are heavily pushed at his school and with good reason. Schools are not just teaching the three r's anymore, they are being challenged (hopefully with parental support) to prepare future productive citizens who know what good character traits and attitudes are and how to put them to use on a daily basis.

We were having a few goofy moments with the camera before the breakfast if you couldn't tell!

The Bubs took this pic and was a little too delighted with the results. Anything for a giggle, right?

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Joanna said...

Oh Bubs has gotten so big!! He so looks like a big dude rather than little boy. I think you are going to have a tall kid on your hands.

Yuppers - y'all are good parents. And what a cute nose you have. :)