Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gird your loins, y'all, the In-Laws are comin'...

No one is more surprised than I am that I'm not more tense about our imminent visit from some of my Hubby's family. I know! Shocker!

Maybe it's 'cause I've got so many other things dominating my time and thoughts that, in the scheme of things it's not a biggie. We'll just get the house whipped into shape real quick like and get ready to enjoy them for a couple days. I think that the Hubby needs to see his family right now anyway. He's still struggling with some chronic pain in his neck and shoulders and the diagnostic process is seemingly dragging endlessly on while the military taps impatient fingers with one hand and doles out reprimands for something that can't be helped with the other. *big breath* We're both a bit worn and bedraggled from the whole rigamarole (that's south-speak for "big honkin' mess") and are in need of a distraction. I'll gladly grin and bear it if their visit brings him some sense of comfort. He's done the same for me many times.

We've told the Bubs and he's, of course, very excited. Why shouldn't he be? They shower him with attention and he has a new audience to show his train layouts to. That's an irresistable combo for our lil' engineer!

So, I'll be scrubbing and doing general pick-up around the house for the next couple of days (I'm really slow) with the Hubs, but I don't think I'll be freaking out. Life, m'dears, is simply too dang short!


Joanna said...

That and there isn't enough meds. Hang in there! When I was preggers for J I said things to my MIL that I shouldn't have but later claimed I didn't remember due to pregger hormones. Whatever works!

I'll be a praying!

Anna K. said...

Jo~ Ah, yes! The prego hormonal defense. I've had to use it in the past (I really DID have a hormonal upsurge that one time, though...I swear!) and will prob'ly use it again before this is over with.

As for the meds, well let's just hope that all visitors will be on their regular regimen since I can't take any myself! ;0)

Octamom said...

My precious in-laws are visiting us right now as well--the kids are in spoiled hog heaven!