Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The joys of pregnancy....hmmm, maybe not.

Alrighty, folks. I have reached that very fun stage of the prego journey where I've morphed into the annoying child in the back of the van that asks ad nauseam, "Are we there, yet?!" Yes, I could sit here and romanticize the not-so-fun (or pretty) aspects of pregnancy as it's nearing its end but, frankly, I'm too sore to try. Sorry.

The cute baby bump has exploded into something which I have a hard time even getting a loose nightgown around. And it's itchy. Old ladies in the grocery store are always making the comment that I look like I'm gonna pop. *sigh*

I thought my hips were wide enough already, but apparently I thought wrong as they are constantly aching these days from spreading. This, of course, means that I'm looking more and more like a duck with all the waddling I'm havin' to do. Quack!

Bending over for any reason is a thing of the distant past. The Bubs has been such a good helper when it comes to picking up after me when I drop things, which is frequently. Talk about a role reversal, y'all! I get aggravated with having to ask him for help all the time, but I think he's learned about empathy, cooperation and patience in the process. It's also training him to be an awesome big brother.

Well, I think I've moaned long enough...besides, you do NOT want me to talk about all the gas that's been happenin' around here! Yet another fun and thoroughly undignified side effect of being prego. At least it's a side effect that never fails to entertain my two guys. Yep, I live to bring a smile to their faces.....


Midwest Mom said...

Oh! The itchy belly! I had totally forgotten that!

Just think -- soon you'll get to meet your new little person! (itch scratch itch itch.)

... and then the itching will be over. ;)

- Julia

Joanna said...

Oh yes you are in a house of men where they smile their approval at the ability to pass gas.

Moan away - you've earned it!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh...the itching.... I had forgot about that too.

Hang in there, kid. Not much longer.

And the gas...oh my...I still have problems with the gas. Swear that kid did something to my insides. Now you can be like grandma and fart all the way to the bathroom. :-)

Anna K. said...

Midwest Mom~ It's funny what we forget about once the baby is here! I think I had forgotten how aggravating certain things were...

Joanna~ Yes, ma'am, I am in that kind of household!

Jonny's Mommy~ Ha! I already have done that kind of grandma impression...on too many occasions, I'm ashamed to say!