Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Confessions of a Bloggy Slacker

Alrighty. I admit it. I did a bad, bad thing *cue bad, bad Chris Isaac song*. My evenings have not been as devoted to jotting down bloggy blurbs since the hubs came home.

There. I said it.

I can't seem to get into any kind of routine when it comes to posting on here....you know, with any semblance of regularity. It's not that I don't have anything to write about. Oh, no! For once this here gal has bloggity ideas out the oodie (and, no, you don't wanna know what that is!)...just no time to post. Oi. I have, however, spent time flitting from fave blog to fave blog readin' up a storm the last few days when I can grab a second. By the way, the hubs still gets this bemused look on his face when I laugh out loud at some of the hilarities y'all post. Don't get me wrong, he's glad that I've found something I enjoy and even finds time to read what I've written (and likes it), but the whole concept has still got him befuddled.

Anyhoo~ To me, and I might be alone in this, the time to blog is in the evening after the day's work is done and I'm kicked back on the couch with recorded episodes of "Are You Being Served" on the telly, a glass of sweet tea at the ready and the Bubs asleep in his room. Y'all that is totally different now. I don't consider it a bad thing, just something else to get used to in a long line of blessed adjustments. -I say "blessed adjustments" 'cause the hubs could still be deployed, injured or worse. So all these adjustments that we're all goin' through "ain't nuttin' but a thang" as the hubs says!-

So, for now, bloggity blurbs will just hafta be jotted down whenevah and wherevah I can find a second to plop my tush down with my laptop and "I am unanimous in this". (Couldn't resist the Mrs. Slocombe quote from Are You Being Served) Do you subscibe to same theory of wherever/whenever or have you figured out how to eek out time from your schedule for blogging that's (anywhere near) regular? Are you a mornin' or an evenin' blurb jotter? I'm curious.......


Joanna said...

Scheduled time? What's that?? I've been blowing off doing science projects with my kids so I can blog. I'm waiting for the eyebrow arch of judgement from Hubby. I'm such a great homeschooling mommy - ahem! not!

Blog post is like farting - it just pops into my head and y'all are stuck reading with whatever comes out. So, so, sorry. :)

Jonny's Mommy said...

I attempt to schedule time in the evening once Jon G. is asleep and then sometimes I'm a bad girl and I blog at work during breaks. Shhhh...bad, bad, me.

Now, Hubby works in the evening so I have that time but when he is home on the weekend...foooorget it. Ain't nothin' gettin' done on the blog unless I wrote it ahead of time. I do that sometimes too...I don't write it on the blog, but I jot it down in a journal and later I type it in real quick and post it.

Then I go to see if I have any comments and when I don't I cry, move on and go back to whatever I was doing. :-)

Har, har....I actually wondered if you would be blogging after Marine returned home. *sigh* No more updates on the crafty chick and her family. Sooo saad. Almost as sad as when you took the recipe for "Sassy Salt" down.