Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer Vacation....Prep, Packin' and Mem'ries

Alrighty, my lovely readers, I decided I would attempt to blog my way through our family's summer vacation/trip this year. Thus the fun graphic on my left sidebar....and somewhere in this post if things work like they should. The entries may be just a paragraph or two with lots of pics or just pics alone. Who knows? So I'm starting out where every trip does - prep and packing.....and this year, moaning about the ridiculous price of gas that mysteriously seems to go up right when everyone's going to be traveling! Um, sorry. I lost my head there for a second. I'm okay now.........no, really.

We're not heading anywhere exotic or jaw-dropping but we're going to see the Hubs's family and some of his friends (a few of which have become mine, too) that we haven't seen for a year or so. Hubby's lookin' forward to getting away from the base, havin' fun with the Bubs at a zoo we're going to, and chillin' with his loved ones. I'm excited for us to get away and have some fun......hopefully without any unforeseen "oopsies" popping up. You know what I'm talking about, right? Taking a wrong turn, running out of gas in the middle of a wicked traffic jam with no gas station in sight, someone getting sick or hurt, losing money..........and the list goes on, unfortunately 'cause the possibilities are endless! Murphy's Law and all that jazz. Thankfully, I'm great at making plans while the Hubs is great at following through with them and keeping a level head when something (or someone, ahem) spazzes out of control.

Anyway....where was I? Oh, yeah. Packing and trip prep. I'm already beginning to tackle laundry and, to my Hubby's amusement, have already written out several different lists so I won't forget anything. As I'm doing all this I start to think back to family trips when I was a kid. Those trips were such a luxury for us. Not only for the money I knew it took to go on them, but to find time in our family schedule to get away. Back then we were all heavily involved with our church in addition to Mom working full time at our middle school's library and Dad working three jobs- teacher, accompiniast at the local Methodist church, and being the Music Director/Praise and Worship Leader at our, then, home church. Needless to say, we really needed those times away to chill out with one another. Later on, we started heading up to my Uncle R and Aunt C's house. Uncle R and Aunt C are Boondock Ramblings and Unfinished Person's parents. Yes, they really do live up in the boondocks but, oh, how peaceful and lovely they were to our family! It became an oasis of sorts for us. Especially, I think, for my parents. Yes, the prep for the trip and the trip itself were a lot of work but it was worth every second of it to just get up to that house in the valley and smell the air that was sweet with recently cut hay and grass. If I never thanked you then for letting us invade your home for a couple weeks every summer, I'm thanking you now Aunt C and Uncle R (and you, too, Cousins).

So, my lovely readers, do you have any fond family trip memories? And while I'm thinkin' about it, do y'all have any good travel tips to share with me? I'm listenin'! I love hearing what you all have to say........


Cousin No. 1 said...

Cuz, I also write out lists...like a madman sometimes. I'm the king of lists, even have lists on a site called Listography. I kid you not...even though in later years, I wasn't always there when y'all came up, those times when I was there, I always enjoyed having my little cousins up to visit...now the aunts and the uncle and Grandma...well, that's another thing. ;) Actually we'll miss your mom and dad's visit this summer, but at least Aunt C was able to come down and visit earlier here this year.

Joanna said...

No money to go anywhere. I'm going to miss two reunions down in Indiana over it. :( Although I'm not entirely upset over it.

I'll tell ya what - we need a posse to hunt down Murphy and his law.

I left ya some bling on my blog, sweets. Hope it puts some snap in your step while you're making lists.

Jonny's Mommy said...

I'll love reading about your blog. And hey! I'm Cousin No. 1...the best cousin ever. Hello...oh, if we are talking age then yes, he is Cousin No. 1. Because he is oooold. As of Monday.

But anyhow, I remember those trips as well. Remember Niagra Falls? Craziness!

I loved late nights with everyone up laughing and listening to you, your mom and dad singing and Aunt D saying choice words and giggling over inappropriately timed "toots." It was hilarious.

*sigh* Good times...fart jokes and burping ... wow...I didn't think we really were that redneck, but maybe :-)

Just teasing. But I will be looking forward to updated vacation posts.