Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vacation Chronicles.....

This is pathetic. I've only been away from home for a few days and I'm already homesick! I miss my bed that's all on one level, having a say in what we do, being surrounded by people who get my sense of humor and aren't obsessed with how fat someone is or has become.............*eye-rolling* Yep. I told ya' it was pathetic.

I can hear my Mom in my head telling me to just "go with the flow". Does my mom know me, or what? Going with the flow is not a concept that comes easily to me in certain situations. My in-laws are very fun, kind people........though sometimes their brand of kindness leaves you feelin' a bit like you've been hit with a mac truck only to be flattened by a steam-roller. In short, you're gonna take it and like it. ~Thanks?~

Anyway, we're all enjoying the cooler weather and the chance to do some outdoor activities without the possiblity of heat stroke. In fact, I think we're all heading up to a water park on Monday. Yeah, you heard me - I'm gonna be in a bathing suit in front of people who are weight obsessed. Pray for me, y'all!!

The Bubs, who has been begging for a dog for months, is having fun with the dogs that are here. They're cocker spaniels and he's already asking if we can take one home. I overheard him talking to the dog, Cubby, the other day asking it if it would like to come home with us. He was soooo cute as he told Cubby he could sleep on his bed at night and that he could have all the food he wanted! That boy is a hoot! He's still not getting a dog, though. Sorry kiddo.


Jonny's Mommy said...

I wanted to comment earlier but my computer kept kicking me off! aarrgh! I hate dial up! Gotta switch to high speed and soon.

Anyhow, just hang in there and if you have to -- tell your in-laws to shove it up their ... well, you know.

They shouldn't treat you that way. They're lucky they have you as a daughter-in-law and they better know it.

Man, that pisses me off to think of them making snide remarks at you. I've half a mind to drive across the state and lay some smack down on them!

Hang in there!

Joanna said...

You do know that we would form a posse on your behalf? Do a little drop kicking through the goal posts of life while you stand there all innocent like.

My FIL can tell you what my MIL weighed in 1989 - who cares ya freak!
Actually you will be amazed at what you see at the water park. There will be people there that make you look deathly thin. And shaving seems to be optional. You'll have nothing to feel bad about.

Hang in there, sweets!!

Anna K. said...

*sniffling* I love you guys!