Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bling, B'day Confusion, and Emotional Roller Coaster Rides

Y'all, I just got some bloggy bling from Joanna over at Bugs In My Teeth! She sent the bling my way 'cause she said I "know how to do southern sass". Thanks a bunch, Shug. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your hilarious posts and our emails. I look forward to more fun, sass and shared hilarity, m'dear!

In other news......I'm having trouble with the Hubby's birthday. Presents were no problem to figure out (the latest seasons of his fave tv shows) and I got a definite answer on the cake (ice cream cake from DQ or Cold Stone Creamery) but the man won't give me one more hint about what he wants. Bless his heart, he's so adamant that nobody go out of their way to do anything for him that he's tight-lipped about his B'day wants. So, I guess we'll just go out to eat with a couple friends tomorrow to celebrate. We'll do something with family on Sunday after we visit Mom in the hospital........Oh, yeah. She's in the hospital again. With the same infection that keeps happening every time she goes to get chemo. To say she is frustrated doesn't even begin to cover how she's feeling. We're all right there with her. Please add her to your prayer list, y'all. If she's not able to complete her chemo, it's leaving her open to a return of the cancer.

So in the midst of celebration we're all caught up in a mix of different emotions. Life goes that way sometimes and I know that God will see us through.....just like he has in everything else that we've gone through ('cause He's cool like that). Life is worth celebrating no matter what's going on in our lives that may be distracting (or distressing) ~ and that sharing some laughter and smiles is even more neccessary in those times. I think that's why I've had to learn to treasure those little everyday occasions - the Bubs's laughter, my Hubby's delightfully wicked sense of humor, Mom's forthright sassiness, shared laughter and talks with Dad, Aunt D's unabashed delight in her two nephews and the pleasure of friends (some of whom I've met through bloggydom)- those are my treasures and the things that help get me through.

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Joanna said...

I'm telling ya - there has been a funk in all of blogdom. I had a day from the underworld and went and stuck my foot in it.

My hubby has been tight lipped about Father's Day. He doesn't like any attention.
I bet your hubby missed everyone so much that it's more than enough just to be with friends and family.