Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Forced Fun" that actually turned out to be fun........

I loathe going to the "forced fun" events that come with the territory when you're in the military. By forced fun, I mean that when an officer "invites" you and yours over to their house or out to eat, you go. No ifs, ands or buts about it, and you better have a life threatening or work-related reason for not showing up. Ugh. I hate standing around in a room full of people feeling out of place and not knowing the first thing to talk to anyone about. It makes me especially uncomfortable when people think, because I smile occasionally and act like I've been raised right by being mannerly ('cause I was, y'all), that I'm going to be the one that's outgoing and get the conversations started. As if!!

Well thank the precious Baby Jesus, it wasn't like that at the BBQ we just went to! The hostess was so friendly and relaxed that she immediately put me at ease. We ended up talking about everything under the sun in between our mommy duties and her hostess duties. Even Hubs commented on how well we got along. I actually had a good time which, believe me, NEVER happens. The Bubs had so much fun playing with the other kids that were there he didn't want to leave.

Sounds like someone I could be friends with, right? *sigh* They're moving in 6 days.

That's what it's like around here. Friendships are for a season......we loose touch because of relocations, and then eventually end up renewing aquaintances after a few years when everybody's back at the same place again.

As we were talking about her family's new duty station and the surrounding areas, I could tell she was excited and looking forward to the change. She wasn't even really fazed that she had to get a whole house ready for the movers in just under a week. She's my new hero, people! Moving with the military is an involved process. Part of what is required before a move is a house inventory. Every item in your house has to be enumerated and a weight guesstimate for each has to be included. The weight requirements are set by rank and you cannot go over. We would have to have a yard sale to end all yard sales to get rid of stuff in our house if we had to meet any weight requirements right now!

Well, I'm glad and a trifle relieved that we were able to have a good time, but a little sad that a potential friend is moving away so soon. I wish them well and look forward to possibly meeting up again down the road.

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Joanna said...

So sorry. I had a really good friend move and I'm still mad about it. It's been two years so you would think I'm over it. Sigh