Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mommy Meltdown....Gone Funny?

I come from a family that is made up of strong-willed, smart people. My husband's family background is very similar. So, it was almost a given that the Bubs would inherit those qualities. He is a very smart, inquisitive, creative little boy who also possesses one wicked sense of humor. He is a hoot to be around.........most of the time. This week has been, um, interesting.

We've entered a new phase where he's beginning to question everything. With every instruction he's given he offers up any number of protests that begin with the words, "But Mommy....!" I'm usually able to sail right through his arguments by explaining the reasoning behind the instruction or redirecting his comments in some way. After a couple weeks straight of this behavior, however, I've been reduced to breaking out the old standby, "Because I told you to." The effectiveness of this has completely expired (there's a shocker!).

The Bubs stayed with Mom and Aunt Dianne tonight while I went to my trio practice at church. As soon as I walked in the door I noticed that he was sitting in a recliner wrapped up with a throw and looked pale and sleepy. When I walked into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee with Dianne, he jumped up and started playing with his toys again. I'm sure he thought that if I saw him play I wouldn't think he was sleepy. Sneaky booger!

After I chatted with Mom and Di for a while, I decided it was time to head home and told David to go ahead and pack his toys. "But Mommy.......! No! I don't want to! We can leave in 30 minutes!............." On and on it went for five minutes. I finally turned to talk with Mom and ignored him. He began to pack when he noticed I wasn't listening anymore. One. Blessed. Piece. At. A. TIME!! Slower and slower he went..........*sigh* Needless to say, the law was laid down and the Bubs was NOT happy about that.

I thought that the situation was back under control and turned to answer a question that Mom had asked. Boy, was I wrong! All of a sudden I hear David's dulcet tones float in from the living room bemoaning how unfair I was being. I kinda snapped. I stepped around the chair that Mom was occupying to the loveseat to her left and shoved my face into a pillow to yell out my frustrations. In the middle of my muffled meltdown I hear someone laughing. If that's the Bubs, he's totally gonna get it.....wait, that's MY MOTHER!! I turned around to see Mom with her hands slapped over her mouth, shoulders shaking and her head thrown back. All I hear is, "I'm so-oo-rry! Ha, ha, ha! I -ha, ha- can't he-e-e-lp it! It's your fa-a-ult! You're so funn-n-y! He, he, ha, ha, ha!"

That's me. I aim to entertain......


Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh real nice Aunt Joan! Pick on your daughter. :-) Is this the "serves you right." kind of laugh? *wink* *wink*......luckily I'm not yet to the "because I told you so phase," mainly because Jonathan isn't yet saying "but mommy...."

Anonymous said...

I have an inquisitive child myself, and oh, boy... you're in for it. It's exhausting. But I tell myself this: "if we can only channel it..." and there's the hope. :)

It must be a tremendous relief to see your adult child experiencing your past reality - and also very tempting to say, "YOU SEE??? I wasn't irrational and crazy like you thought I was - can you see how maybe I was really a cool person until you wore me slap out???" ha, ha, ha... I live for the day! I so hope that one day my kids will UNDERSTAND ME! And yes, I will laugh, too - a great, big, happy, relieved laugh.