Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Excuses for Being Slack, etc.

.........So the few, but fabulous, readers that I have have probably noticed that I haven't been very prolific lately. I could take the easy way out and blame it on the Bubs, but that wouldn't be truthful. It was me, all me....and my bad internet connection. It did a bad, bad thing. Every time I would settle down in my comfy office chair, beverage in hand (let's keep that tidbit between us, shall we-the Hubby gets tense when I do this) and my music on low ready to write an entry....nothing. Just the darned internet icon with a red "X" , telling me it wasn't connected and to try again later. Y'all, after the third or fourth time this happened, there was some serious fussin' goin' on! I had to pray and ask forgiveness after....*sigh* Thankfully, Bubs was fast asleep when all of this went down.

For now, I'll be sticking with my laptop (it's new) that seems to be much more sympatico with our wireless connection. Let the blogging continue!


Anne Marie said...

Hi Anna, First to answer your question - there will be NO photos of me on the hood of the car!!!! ROFLOL!!!! Thanks for your comments, I love your photos you have a good eye! Anytime you want to come over and help out just give me a shout LOL!!!!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Yeah...so enjoying the blog entries as it gives me updates on how ya'll are doin'...I have to go comment on the other entry now because *sniff* it made me all weepy...I warned my mom against it so she wouldn't cry!

And email me about the lap top -- where did you get it? I totally want one!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Anna, I have tried to email you but your contact info for responding is turned off!!! So was mine until I read someone's blog complaining about it last week. Go on to my profile and email me and I can answer you as well as explain the profile so that people can respond to you when you comment. I was commenting to blogs and no one wrote back until it was pointed out to me. Blogging can be very confusing!!!!