Monday, February 11, 2008

Fun at the Circus...Our Trip was a Trip

This past Friday, the Bubs and I were able to tag along on a field trip to the Barnum and Bailey Circus. My Dad's first grade team chartered buses for their classes to ride to the event and we were to follow along behind them in my vehicle. I was cool with this, but the Bubs was understandably freaked at the prospect of not riding on the "big bus with my Poppi" even after I had gone to some length to make sure he was suitably entertained on the way...*sigh*

So we get there and after some back and forth between my Dad and me on the cell phones, we find one another and get settled in for the show. And what a show it was! From the clowns and their antics to all of the aerial displays, it was a lot of fun. David covered his eyes during the tiger act and laughed at the clowns. Dad and I even managed to share a few laughs in between his never-ending teacher duties.

Our biggest laugh was over the fact that the one thing most of the kids would probably remember would be when an elephant, ummmm......"did its business" ..... and the elephant behind stepped in it as they were leaving the arena. Oi. Groans and yells of "eww!" erupted and echoed off of the walls for a few seconds before the lights were lowered and the clean up crew came out.

The show had no more ended than the Bubs started begging to ride back on the bus with Poppi. He was going so hard that he didn't hear me remind him that Poppi said he would ride back with us in our car. The fit continued as I tried to maneuver us up the stairs to the lobby area, into the bathroom, out of the bathroom, in the lobby, the parking lot where he almost walked out in front of a truck, and as I was getting him into the carseat. To say I was a little frazzled would be laughable. The Bubs had just had too much and needed some chill out time. Okay, I can do that. He can chill out on the way home with Poppi.

I was thinking this as I was getting myself settled in the car, arranging things so that they were within easy reach while I was driving..........Oh. My. Goodness. WHERE IS MY WALLET???!!!!!!!

I am in full freak out mode as I dump things out in the car and then rush back into the arena with a confused and oddly quiet Bubs in tow. I check where we were sitting with no luck. My Bubs was even helping me look as he trailed behind me down the aisles. We rush back outside and head back to the car to wait for Dad. I see him waving at me from the next parking lot over and I pull the car as close as possible, all the while trying not to hyperventilate and shoving my big sunglasses on to hide my distress. I should have known better, because as soon as he got to the car, I broke down. He searched the car again and then suggested I check out the women's bathroom, which I forgot to search out the first time. Nothing doing. The doors to the arena are now locked. I don't need to tell you that the ride home was interesting...I even took a wrong turn and managed to get us lost- twice. Whether out of self-preservation or pity, Dad took over and drove us home. Thank God.

So I went through the task of shutting off service to various cards and my cell phone as soon as I got to Mom and Dad's house. Hallelujah for understanding customer service reps!! I felt like such an idiot.

The circus was a lot of fun and I'd recommend it to anyone...just without the not-so-fun experience of losing one's wallet and cell phone!!


jonny's mommy said...

Wow..those pictures tell a story! It must have been a blast. The circus, not losing your wallet and cellphone. I hope you have found it by now or have some idea what to do. I've done the same thing before but luckily got it back pretty fast. At least Bubs got to enjoy the circus! And Poppi

Anne Marie said...

Oh no!!! I'm glad you all a fab time at the circus but what a bummer losing wallet and cell phone. I would have be frazzled as well, what an unfortunate way to end such and enjoyable day out...