Thursday, July 22, 2010

Of Journals, Lists and Doodles

Yes. I have a journal. I know...I have a blog so it may seem a little silly to have a journal, too. There is something so deliciously tactile about putting pen or pencil to paper. Maybe it's the artist in me. Maybe it's my love of lists (list love?). Making lists, mind you, not having them handed to me!

My journal is another place where I go to take a deep breath of inspiration, jot down an idea, doodle or even scribble about a hidden hurt. Some thoughts are random while others are cohesive and threaded together in a stream of words that come pouring out in moments of creativity or clarity.

The very first page is my "title page" where I wrote - Inspirations, Dreams, Creative Bents & Other Things. I don't write in it every single day but I keep it close at hand, ready for me to scribble away. It comes in handy on days when I have so many things flying around my head that I need a way to keep them straight. Out comes the journal and pen and suddenly I can think straight again...or straight-ish, anyway.

Putting pen to paper - even in a world of blogging, texting, and tweeting - is still a wonderful thing!

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Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

As you probably know, I still journal, even with the blog and I agree...something about putting pen to paper that can make things make more sense!