Monday, July 5, 2010

Inspiration and Breathing

I once looked up the definition of inspiration and, interestingly, one of the definitions was "the drawing of air into the lungs". As soon as I read that I stopped. I drew in a deep, deep breath.... and slowly released it.

I felt reinvigorated and somehow, at the same time, more peaceful. It's amazing what a truly deep breath will do for you isn't it?

The last few weeks in the wake of the Hubby's shoulder surgery I've found it difficult to find, not only time, but energy and inspiration to dive back in to my painting and creating. This is a big prob for me, y'all! My art is my business and, more importantly, a vital part of who I am and a great way for me to unwind. I missed it greatly and was searching for that inner spark and inspiration for my next creative projects.

Then it hit me. I needed a deep breath.

So I paused and breathed deep of my favorite inspirations that I'm surrounded by~

  • the smiles and laughs of my family
  • spending time chatting with the Hubs...he is my best friend, after all!
  • praying for those I love and even a few I don't! ;)
  • reading
  • music and singing
  • grabbing my camera and trying new things
  • books, mags, blogs, websites that make me wanna grab a paintbrush
  • raising my head from the task at hand to notice the beauty in my world
  • writing messages on my little chalkboard in the kitchen
  • I tried to do something creative everyday...take a photo, blog, bake something special, doodle or draw, research a new technique...something!

What do you take a deep breath of when you need to refresh and recharge?


Midwest Mom said...

I get out in my garden -- for sure. There are times I just need the quiet, and my spirit always perks up from tending growing things.

Thanks for the reminder to recharge. I needed it. :)

- Julia at Midwest Moms

Petie said...

Love your post! Nice reminder of how great a few deep breaths are :) I need sunshine for recharging, and outdoors. Relaxation doesn't come easy to me, but when I make myself do it I usually feel recharged.

Love all the photos from your trip. Looks like a good time.

PS I don't mind copycats at all ;) I am one too!!!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

That getting out my camera and trying new things is one way I get inspired. Looking back at old photographs or through my scrapbooks or looking at the sites of other photographers also inspire me.

Great post, Anna K!

Heather said...

Hi Anna... love your list. Isn't is amazing how our perspective changes when we evaluate our life like that? Did you print up your list and hang it somewhere or leave little reminders around the house or incorporate it into one of your fun art pieces?

Glad to see your family is on the go; your husband must be feeling alright:) The trip looked wonderful.