Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting it done...and discoveries~

What a day! If I see another grocery aisle it'll be too soon!

It was the typical pay day grocery shopping mania and I'm thrilled that the Hubs and I got it done...and that it's over with. With so many families suffering with job loss and tightening purse strings, I felt very lucky to be able to get everything that we needed with a few "how did that get in the cart?" extras. So that's one big item that we can check off the ever present to do list.

Mom's still in the hospital. I know she's tired of the whole ordeal and very ready to go home, but she still has more fluid to get rid of and, now, a possible infection to fight off. We'll find out more about the infection in the next couple days when the results of the blood culture come back. *sigh* I just wanna break her out of there! Just think, the Hubs can be the break out guy and I could be the getaway driver....

So the Bubs has become very interested in maps the last couple of months. Even when we're driving, he gives us directions and is usually right! My mother-in-law gave us a GPS system for the car and the Bubs is tickled pink every time we use it. Between the GPS and the fact that maps are something they're studying in his class, he's becoming quite the enthusiast. It's fun to watch him discover new items of interest on the maps in his playroom and try to decipher the different map legends. Of course, the location of all the railroad tracks is a major item of interest for him and the first thing he looks for. I don't think watching him discover new things will ever get old for me! It's so much fun.

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