Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Weather and Gettin' Real

It's a cool and overcast day down here and I'm lovin' it! This is my kind of weather. I love this time of year when things begin to cool down a bit and the leaves are changing. This is also one of Hubby's fave times of the year, especially since he hasn't had a fall or winter in, oh let's see....about 3 years! The poor man, however, isn't here to enjoy the lovely weather. He'll be home in another week or so when his current assignment (in the desert) is over. The Bubs and I are missin' him something fierce!

On another subject, I think the "realness" of being prego is beginning to sink in. With all the major changes going on in our family, I allowed it to get bundled up and confused with all the stresses that were happening. Not to mention, I was in shock. I mean, I knew we were trying for another child but I don't think I was expecting things to happen so very quickly. Don't missunderstand me, I'm grateful that concieving went so well because for many other couples it doesn't. Again, it just happened so fast.

Yet, as I browse through baby sections, listen to the many excited exclamations over our news, and go through the day to day bodily changes that come with carrying a's becoming both real and even more of a joy than I was previously seeing it as.

We're hoping for a girl. Well, I should say that I'm hoping for a girl and that my two guys are hoping for one of each! The last time that Hubby made a twin joke I think I tossed a shoe at him. If, by some quirk, we have twins I'll do my best to handle everything....but, honestly, one would be perfectly wonderful for me. ~I say, "by some quirk" because, as far as I know, twins don't run in the family.......I hope!~

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Joanna said...

Yeah, twins don't run in my family either but I have a set all the same.

IF you did end up with twins I would so give you all the little insiders. But for your sake I hope it's not. They are a lot of stress the first few years. I was teased a lot about what would I do if I had another set. I just don't even go there. :)